Friday, December 16, 2011

Ep 109 - Critiques return from Beyond the Grave!

This episode we attempt to help make the world a slightly more pleasant place by providing critiques to listeners! Last episode we invited people to send in their art for us to view and discuss, and we got a lot of them, so this will be part one of a two-part extravaganza! It's been a while since we've done a critique episode, so we hope you enjoy.

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The pictures from our wonderful listeners in this episode:

David Michael Wright

Chris Carrasco

Alex McVey

Max Antonov


Thanks one and all!! More critiques next week.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Episode 108--influence and reference deference...

In episode 108 of the NM Podcast, Patrick, Socar, Kieran, and Jeremy once again join together on the meandering road of conversation of all things arty ( and some topics---not so much).

This episode appears in two parts and features interviews taken by Jeremy during his time in Altoona, Pennsylvania as he attended Illuxcon 2011.

If you would like to have your work critiqued on our next episode of the podcast--drop a link to it here in this episode's comments section!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Episode 107 - the King of France

Welcome! It's been far too long, but since we kept you waiting we've come back with an extra-short episode. Just because we love you! Enjoy as Kieran, Socar, and Patrick are back, with listener questions (well, one, at least), and some general banter. Oh, and news about Socar's upcoming art technique book.

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Fantasy Art Drawing Skills

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Episode 106--3 is company-7 is awesome!

In this episode, the "Ninjas" meander a river of topics provided by dutiful listeners Stef and Jan.
Join Socar, Patrick, Jeremy, Eric, and Ralph as they wax poetic on topics such as juggling clients, money, and 70's television.
We are also joined by the good folks at Sketch-o-holic, Marcin and Carlos!

Sit down, relax, and let us take you on yet another magical some place...magical.

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Many apologies for taking so long to get this episode to you. Our editor--Jeremy--was buried in deadlines and teaching duties. A very late night after class solved the problem, though. Sleep is for the weak...;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Episode 105 -Bigger than Life (repost)

Hello, faithful listener. It's been a while, but we have an ENORMOUS episode to make up for the delay. First, Jeremy, Patrick, Drew, Socar and possibly Eric discuss a listener question from Jeremy Rathbone, and engage in some of the witty banter you've come to expect from much, much less entertaining people.

Then, because we know what you crave in the dark recesses of your soul, there's another feature-length segment featuring a GenCon wrap-up! Ralph Horsley and guests Paul "Prof" Herbert and Chris Burdett join Drew and Jeremy for a wide-ranging con-related discussion. If you like this sort of thing, then rest assured, it's the sort of thing you'll like.

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Thanks for your order. Please drive through.

(PS - for some reason we can't even begin to understand, some people got episode 015 instead of 105 originally here. Failing to figure that out, we've just reposted the whole thing. We almost feel like apologizing for the inconvenience. )

Friday, July 29, 2011

Episode 104--Sketchoholics need not be anonymous.

In this week's episode Kieran, Drew, Socar, and Jeremy are joined by Marcin Migdal of the popular art community known as !
We discuss the goals of the website and its surrounding community along with their Sketchozine series of publications.
Marcin tells all about the various projects, contests, and features of this most excellent site and calls all ninjas to action. To have your work potentially published and promoted by Sketchoholic, head on over and share your work!

We also take a couple of listener questions from Max Antonov, and Eve Bolt.

The episode:

GenCon is almost here and panelists Drew Baker, Kieran Yanner, Ralph Horsley, and Jeremy McHugh will be on hand to celebrate the 4 best days in gaming!

We are currently planning to gather after hours at the Hyatt Bar in dowtown Indy. Hope you can join us! The candy red recorder will be on hand to do a little impromptu podcastery, if you care to join in the festivities!

Sheer capitalistic interest requires Jeremy to announce that the first 20 page volume of his favorite Daily Warm-ups will be available at the convention art show. Come and check it out!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Episode 103-At the Edge-Art of the Fantastic. An upcoming exhibition of Fantastic Art.

In this episode Jeremy and Drew join returning guest, Patrick Wilshire ( of Illuxcon fame) to discuss a new event he is organizing with the Allentown Art Museum to help bring fantasy art to the masses.
They are organizing a huge exhibition entitled "At The Edge- Art of the Fantastic" that will represent many icons of fantasy art from the 1800's through the Golden Age and on into today!

The largest single exhibition of its kind to take place in a mainstream museum!

The conversation ranges from the trials of assembling such a beast of a show to further discussion of digital art.

It was an interesting interview and discussion that we hope you will enjoy.

Make sure to weigh in on the discussion in our comments section!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Episode 102--Questions and Answers ( or reasonable facsimiles there of)).

In this episode Socar, Drew, Kieran, and Jeremy join forces to answer questions culled from facebook response to our desperate call for show topics.
Many thanks to all who dropped us their questions for this episode! We had a blast discussing them.
Apologies for the lateness of this episode. Jeremy is buried in work and preparations for an event he is overseeing in his hometown so editing time was at a severe premium.
He's also been hiding in his basement in fear of ninja monkeys with guns.

We hope you enjoy the show!

***Don't forget to get your World Toilet Day cards ready! We'd love to see your take on what a Hallmark card would look like for that revered holiday. :)

***Share with us your convention horror stories!

note: We lost Kieran at some point in the recording. He was not devoured by his dogs as our dire imaginations had posited. The internet merely proved a fickle hellcat and stole him from us the rest of the show. He'll be back soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Episode 101--The attack of the Sneeze...

In this latest episode Patrick is joined by Socar, Eric, and Kieran as they discuss listener questions and anything else that springs unfiltered from their collective sub-conscious.

Many thanks to Mariano Santangelo, Brian Bowes, and Felipe Gaona Reydet for their excellent show topics. All the rest of the conversation featured in this episode can be "goreblamed" on those in attendance...

Have a listen--

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Episode 100--Super Epic Awesomeness!

It has come.
Episode 100 of the Ninja Mountain Podcast is here!
This show is longer than one of Patrick's legendary tentacles!
Socar, Ralph, Kieran, Patrick, Jeremy, and...We are joined by a special guest to help celebrate this landmark episode so tune in for a surprise!

About midway through, Drew joins in to answer listener questions from Christopher Burdett and Eddy Crosby about making and selling prints. It was a great conversation.

Towards the end, we are joined by none other than Anne Stokes to announce a new book we should all be on the lookout for in the coming months entitled, "STOKED".
Wait 'til you hear about this tome. It is going to be awesome!

Fellow co-host, Andy Hepworth , joins Patrick for a spell and we also share recordings from listeners who wished to join in the merriment:

Other links:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Episode 99--Fruit Fly Suicidal Scams...

Firstly, we at Ninja Mountain wish to bid farewell to the amazing Jeffrey Catherine Jones, an artist whose work has been so influential to so many in both the illustration and fine art world.
She will be greatly missed.

In this episode Socar, Drew, Kieran, Patrick, and Jeremy answer listener questions from Kiri Ostergaard and Preston Stone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Episode 96---WonderCon and just plain wondering...

This episode begins with our man in the street, Patrick McEvoy, who was doing the rounds at WonderCon this year!
Patrick is joined by creators:
Jules Rivera ( though the interview was devoured whole by sad circumstance.)

This segment is followed by freely roaming banter between Patrick, Socar, and Jeremy.

Subscribe to the Ninja Mountain Podcast or we'll send Patrick to your home for an impromptu interview. He will pull no punches with his hardball investigatory journalism.

We are proud members of the Visual Artist Podcast Network.

...And if you have any Wondercon memories to share, stop on by the comments section of this episode!
Also---do you have any thoughts on fan art to share? Perhaps some most excellent examples to boot?! Share them with us!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Episode 95--Waiting for FaceBook...

In this episode Drew ( with evil goatee), Socar, Eric, and Jeremy discuss the recent uproar in the comics community surrounding copyright infringement and a certain artist that will go unnamed ( unless you totally want to name him in the show notes...that's cool).

If you don't subscribe to the Ninja Mountain Podcast, then you are a hating hater...but we'll not judge you. ;)

If you've an anecdote you'd like to share or a convention experience that went awry--we want to hear all about it!

We have recently changed the rating for this show to "Explicit".
This just means that most naughty language will no longer be covered with a "BLEEP".
We hope this doesn't harm your sense of "bility".

The show will remain otherwise unchanged for your listening pleasure. :)
Thanks for joining in the fun!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patrick news

Hi, faithful listener(s)! Patrick here to say I'll be at Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend, Saturday and Sunday only (4/2/11 and 4/3/11) in the Small Press area, table SP-53. I'll be sharing the table with the talented Jules Rivera of the wonderful Marsh Rocket web-comic series (which I've mentioned on the show in the past).

I'll have the always awesome Ninja Mountain digital recording device with me, so if you stop by and mention the show I'll record your voice for the next program! How's that for an exciting reason to come to the show?

I'll have plenty of stuff to sell too - my graphic novel Starkweather: Immortal, postcards, prints, and a brand new poster: "The H.P. Lovecraft Rules of Survival". And of course sketches at popular prices. :)

In addition, I'll have a charity postcard with art from my new comics project "World War Kaiju" - all proceeds for that will go to Doctors Without Borders, who are currently doing great work in Japan and worldwide. Find out more about World War Kaiju here.

See you there!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Episode 94---Magic Poo!

On this week's episode Kieran, Patrick, Drew, and Jeremy field a listener question from Eggowaffles ( whose art can be found at his deviantart page as well). Our listener asked about setting up at a comic show for the first time.

It made for fun discussion and a brief reference to "magic poo'!

Apologies for the late posting of this episode, but the editor had himself some paperwork to get caught up on. Tax season!! UGH!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Episode 93--Todd Lockwood and listener questions for the team.

Episode 93 opens with an interview with Todd Lockwood recorded at Illuxcon.

Next we have group discussion of listener questions with Ralph Horsley, Drew Baker, Socar Myles, Patrick McEvoy, Kieran Yanner, and Jeremy What's-His-Face.

Special thanks to Chantal Fournier, Smugbug, Jora Thompson whose questions we had fun addressing.
Listener Tommi ( Aka Tom Hermann) had an interesting question about the future of publishing and I may have a guest lined up for a future episode who can really offer some insight on the topic. I'll make sure to announce that when it comes to reality. :)

Enjoy the show!

Ninja Mountain is a proud member of the Visual Artist Podcast Network

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

Episode 91--Christopher Moeller and what's new with the crew.

This episode opens with an interview with illustrator and comic artist, Christopher Moeller.
Chris is known for his work in games and mainstream comics along with his own series of graphic novels, Iron Empires.

Afterwards, many of the Ninjas have gathered to talk about the changes taking place in their work in recent months---amongst other topics....
Thrill to the voices of Patrick, Socar, Ralph, Andy, Kieran, Drew, and Jeremy as they all shout to be heard over one another.
Another smorgasbord of podcasty goodness lies ready for the listening!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Episode 90--Interview with John Jude Palencar and self -expression

Express thyself!
In episode 90, Jeremy first sits down with award-winning illustrator, John Jude Palencar, to discuss his work as a cover artist on many popular titles.

This is followed by high-browed discussion between Ralph, Patrick, Socar, and Jeremy on the heady topics of self-expression, dragons, and well...just listen in....

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John Jude Palencar

Visual Artist Podcast Network

If you have any questions you would like to hear discussed on future episodes of the Ninja Mountain Podcast, post them here in the blog comments section! Likewise you can weigh in on this episode's topics.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Episode 89-Interview with Steve Prescott and more Ninja Chat...

This week's episode begins with an interview with Steve Prescott. We learn about his latest goings-on and the release of his successful new sketch book entitled, " Aggregate".

This is followed by conversation between Patrick, Socar, and Jeremy, about goals for the new year, web comics, and technological obsolescence.
We hope the episode gets you back in your studios and hard at work in 2011. :)



To our fellow Ninjas--
We hope you enjoyed the holiday season!
If you care to share your goals for 2011, please post right here in the comments section!
If you happen to read web comics, please share some links with us.
Thanks for listening!