Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jon hodgson Web Update

Point your browsers to http://www.jonhodgson.com for some all new Jonny goodness!

As the scorching sun retreats from the slopes of the mysterious Mountain, and the first frost is in the air awakening our seekers on the path to illustrative enlightenment, stay tuned for more things Ninja in the coming weeks!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ninja Summer Convention Super Fun Time

Well, summer is here and with it the convention season is upon us! If you're like us (and who isn't?) then you'll be itching to attend some fun gatherings of like-minded indivduals for nerdy fun.

Currently, these Ninjas are scheduled to be at the following space/time coordinates. Check here for updates on more cons as they become available.

Mike Franchina
July - San Diego Comic-Con (you can find Mike wherever fine beers are sold!)

Howard Van Lyon
July - San Diego Comic-con.

Jeremy McHugh
July - Origins and OGC (in New Hampshire).
August - GenCon! Jeremy will have a table in the art show, so stop by and say "hi".

Patrick McEvoy
July - San Diego Comic-con. You'll probably find him at the Archaia Studios Press booth, and a couple of signing events elsewhere (TBA).
August - Wizard World Chicago. He'll be at the "Starkweather" table in Artist's alley, surrounded by many other Archaia creators.

We hope to see you this summer!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ninja tutorial powers activate!

Patrick recently wrote a lengthy article for the loverly folks at Upper Deck, about how he approaches the creation of a World of Warcraft card. There are step-by-step pictures and descriptions of a card from the initial rough sketch through completion, concentrating on how to make a digital piece look more "traditional". Enjoy:

Warcraft Card Art Tutorial

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

NMers feature on Black Industries Web Site

Black Industries have interviewed Ralph Horsley about his awesome cover for the new edition of classic Games Workshop boardgame Talisman!:

And Jeremy McHugh gets the spotlight treatment for his work on the Talisman character cards!

Both interviews include really cool walk-throughs of both artists' working processes. Go check them out!