Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ninja Mountain 34 - Triple shot!!

It's a huge episode this week, with three utterly AWSOME segments! First, Andy, Socar, Patrick and Jeremy take lots and lots of questions from listeners and answer them with the laser-sharp focus and on-topic concentration for which we are justifiably famous. Then Ralph joins in to talk about making your art dynamic - what are the elements that art directors are looking for in a visually exciting picture? Then Anne joins in to to talk about preparations for a new picture (spoiler alert: we ALL agree!) Audio fun-time nuclear happy starts... NOW!

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Show Notes:
In a couple of days we'll put up all the twitter names here for the folks who wrote in with questions!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ninja Mountain 33 - Life and Other Disasters

Welcome to the much-anticipated 33rd episode of Ninja Mountain! This week Andy, Patrick, Jeremy and Socar talk about artistic distractions, disasters, and other fun stuff that may or may not make any sense at all. But they are on their best behavior as they invite a guest artist to join in the chat: Drew Baker!

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Show Notes:
Drew Baker

Friday, September 04, 2009

Ninja Mountain 32 - contractually obligated

Not just an episode! A contractually mandated obligation to you, our listeners. Andy, Patrick and Jeremy discuss working with new clients, some thoughts about contracts, working on new Intellectual Properties and the dreaded OTHER STUFF. Then, like a sweet zephyr of beauty, Socar joins the testosterone-laden group to add the fresh air of sanity to the male-dominated conversation. Or something.

Listen to it, there really might be some sentences which can be parsed into the English language... somewhere.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Some GenCon pics!

My wife very dutifully took some pictures of our time at GenCon 2009 for you to enjoy.
I divided my time between showing my portfolio around on the convention floor and performing interviews with occasional opportunities to work at my booth.
I am glad you all enjoyed the audio segments I collected while at the show. I wish to extend special thanks to all that had a moment to share with us.
GenCon has a special place in my heart as you can probably tell from these past two episodes. Far from making this into a two episode commercial for the Indianapolis convention, I chose to corner creatives with whom we might not otherwise have an opportunity to speak with on the show.
Much praise must be heaped upon Patrick and Jon for their herculean efforts in wrangling these special episodes with their superior audio-fu!
Many thanks to folks who approached me at the con to offer their compliments to our team. It has been very heartening to learn that our show is making a difference and entertaining you at the same time. :)
Enjoy the pics and we look forward to bringing you more Ninja goodness as we return to our regular recording schedule this week with episode 32!

Look wot my friend, Paul "Prof" Herbert got for me! A little Ninja of me very own! I wore it the whole show. It's all about accessorizing, baby. :)

Diesel LaForce recounts the early days of the GenCon Art Show in a late night interview.

My friend and art hero, Steve Prescott

My buddy, Heather Kreiter!

Drew Baker and Beth Trott

Hanging out with the Norse God of Lighting. That's how I roll...

Everyday con-goers in their finery.

The lovely and talented couple, Tony and Kay Steele!

Don Higgins-- good friend and creator of the "Dark Magic and Donuts" web comic

A few random everyday con-goers doing random every day con-goer things.

Matt Stawicki interview!