Sunday, February 16, 2014

Episode 125--A Mountainous Critique!

In this latest episode, The Ninjas have foiled the nefarious schemes of Dark Lord Baggadix and return to you with a series of critiques thanks to brave friends of the show, Veronica Jones, Kim Myatt (aka Ysvyri), and Denzel A Jackson!
They placed their work up on the chalkboard and we were allowed to offer our thoughts on their excellent images!
Many thanks to all who submitted their work.
We only had time this round for three critiques and your willingness to help is much appreciated!

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The images we were able to get to this episode in order that they appear on the show:

Veronica's cover art for "The Zodiac Collector" by Laura Diamond from Spencer Hill Press!
Judging by its cover, it should be a great read!

"The King's Punishment" by Kim Myatt!

"The Burden of Triumph" by Denzel A Jackson

The very generous Drew Baker produced paint overs for each piece as we discussed them and they can be found below.

More episodes are on the way as our fearless coordinator and ( slightly overwhelmed new dad), Jeremy is back on track!
Thanks for tuning in!
We hope everyone finds this episode helpful as you head into your studios this week.

Stay tuned for further adventures on the mountain!