Monday, February 07, 2011

Episode 91--Christopher Moeller and what's new with the crew.

This episode opens with an interview with illustrator and comic artist, Christopher Moeller.
Chris is known for his work in games and mainstream comics along with his own series of graphic novels, Iron Empires.

Afterwards, many of the Ninjas have gathered to talk about the changes taking place in their work in recent months---amongst other topics....
Thrill to the voices of Patrick, Socar, Ralph, Andy, Kieran, Drew, and Jeremy as they all shout to be heard over one another.
Another smorgasbord of podcasty goodness lies ready for the listening!


Jan said...

So many ninjas!!! Double rainbow!!


vinter said...

Awesome show you guys put together, I've learnt a few things I wished I had learnt at school.
Anyway, I'm from Norway, but I'm going to the states in march for Pycon, is there something else to see/attend (a convention maybe) in either Atlanta or Chicago in the spring month march?

Thanks for helping me out:)

Unknown said...

I'd love to see the Ninja Mountain crew do a panel at GenCon! It will be my first time at GenCon too... an unknown Aussie artist looking to make some contacts at an international event... scary!

frostfyre said...

Hey Ninjas,

Great work on the show, I've been following it for about the last year. Since you have Gurney's latest book listed, I'm curious, for each ninja, what are the top 5 "go to" books for inspiration/instruction, if any?

Lance Red said...

I really liked Christopher Moeller's advice and need to work on applying it. From reading all these new and wonderful art books, following all these amazing artists' blogs, reading online articles it can be an information overload, but focusing on improving just one small area at a time seems so much more manageable. A very fun show. It brightened my day.