Friday, August 28, 2009

Ninja Mountain 31 Moar GenCon!

Welcome to the second part of our Gencon coverage, featuring an interview with art show organiser Diesel, and a report from the artshow awards themselves.

This show is shorter than normal due to the annual editors holiday. Once they have recaptured, suitably punished and humiliated, normal service will be resumed.

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Show notes to follow!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ninja Mountain 30: GenCon 2009 Special

Hold on to your bandwidth, its a monster! Part one of our GenCon 2009 coverage is out, and its a biggie! Jeremy and his pin stripe vest deliver a stunning array of interviews with the biggest names in the gaming art world.

YOU the listeners gave us a digital recorder, and by golly we used it!

This special super extended episode features interviews with Omar Rayyan, Jon Schindehette, Wayne Reynolds, Steve Prescott, Randy Galagos, Chris Seaman and more!

And there's more to come over the following weeks!

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Copious enormo-show notes:

Omar Rayyan
Wayne Reynolds
Steve Prescott
Chris Seaman
Randy Gallegos
Jon Schindehette's blog
Chris Pritchard
Aaron Miller
Amy Ashbaugh
Arkady Roytman
Joe Slucher
Andy Hopp
Matt Stawicki
Tyler Walpole

The crew of WIP was there to enjoy the show as well.
The WIP Podcast!
Jeff Himmelman
Caroline Himmelman's "The Art Of Business" blog
Peter Morhbacher
Anna Mohrbacher

More GenCon footage is on the way, folks. We recorded 3.5 hours of interviews so be sure to listen up for future GenCon goodies!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ninja Mountain 29: Rise of the Replicants

A hell of hot metal and hate powered circuitry breaks loose like an avalanche of mixed metaphors this week on the Mountain. With Jeremy away at Gencon gathering the audio-fruits of the season the remaining Mountaineers do their best to cope with the robot apocalypse sans congenial host, and welcome in our new robot overlords with answers to the following questions:

Via email, Aaron Anderson ( asks how we keep as busy with work as we all seem to do.

And for once we come up with some of our own content, and ruthlessly interrogate ourselves like souless killing machines sent from the future about how we learn new skills, programs and techniques whilst juggling all the other activities we're forced to enact by our cold silicon masters.

On the show this week are Patrick, Andy, Socar and Jon, with guest soundbites from Ralph and Anne

Plus a special guest two line appearance from the mighty Kiwi deathmecha Ben Wootten!

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Show notes:
coming soon!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode #28 - 1)talk 2)??? 3)PROFIT!!

OK, the episode is a tiny bit late, but after the earth is swallowed whole by giant space lampreys, who's really going to care?

What the horrible space eels WILL remember is that this episode features a great conversation between Ralph Horsley and special guest Steven Belledin, questions from listeners, and lots of conversation with Jon, Socar, Jeremy, Ralph and Patrick. And they will regret having swallowed our planet so callously and destroyed such entertaining artists, and perhaps... Just maybe... They'll think twice before doing it again to another beautiful blue planet somewhere else in the cosmos.

Though, frankly, we doubt it.

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Show notes:

Steven Belledin

Spyder pro calibration device

Thursday, August 06, 2009

August competition time at Scotch Corner

Image Hosted by

You there! Yes you! You'd like to win a poster print wouldn't you? Of course you would. So get over to Scottish art blog Scotch Corner, where you can win a 60cm x 30cm Jon Hodgson print for just posting a comment in the month of August.