Friday, January 22, 2010

Ninjas pride themselves on remaining in the shadows, however...

As of this moment, the Ninja Mountain Scrolls site will be implementing a 'no anonymous postings' ruling. 

Anonymous posting will no longer be allowed and all such posts, regardless of content, will be deleted.

This is to encourage open discussion while simultaneously holding each participant clearly accountable for their own statements and behavior. 

We believe that this will engender self-moderation during debates, and offset the requirement for a more formal arrangement. 

Internet handles are acceptable ( and often entertaining), but a real name or link to a real site must appear somewhere in your posts or profile to engender professional discourse and accountability.

Those associated with the Ninja Mountain Podcast have willingly and necessarily adopted complete openness in their weekly recorded discussions. We are all identified by our real names ( or widely known pen names) and our URLs are prominently displayed.

We take full responsibility for our statements and invite others to weigh the advice we offer by visiting our sites and learning more about our careers.

We believe that those who make use of the show blog should be held to the same standards and that such will add to the enjoyment of all who visit the site.

Thank you to all of our fellow Ninjas and we look forward to your continued enjoyment of the show and accompanying blog.

Jeremy McHugh

Ninja Mountain Podcast Co-Host

Ninja Mountain Episode 49 - “I don’t think the Pirates have a Mountain.”

Like a red lazor blast to the forebrain the Ninja Mountaineers are back, once again attempting to scale the dizzy heights of the fabled Ninja Mountain by sitting around chatting!  This week we take your questions from Twitter and run off with them into the middle distance: Bounced checks? Setting up a business? Palettes? Websites for licensing? Self publishing sketchbooks?

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On this show: Anne, Jeremy, Jon and Socar

** Special note to the world, especially Canada! **
For some reason, iTunes did not add this episode everywhere worldwide. The one country we've found for sure that doesn't seem to be working is Canada. We're trying to fix this problem without knowing exactly what's going on. It may be something weird on Apple's end, or we may fix it at any point unexpectedly. Life is full of surprises!

Thank you, please drive through.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ninja Mountain 48-Back to the Bull Session.

Hey there, folks.
It is a small gathering around Ninja Mountain's water cooler this week as Drew, Socar, and Jeremy hang out and discuss a medley of various topics. This week, the Ninjas discuss regrets, personal growth, geography, watercolors, digital art, questions from a new publisher, the delicate balance between art and illustration ( with our usual ham-fisted grace) , and even make a DVD recommendation!
A little something for every sensibility! :)

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Links of note:

Automated Painting
In answer to Socar's last question...

Question for our fellow Ninjas---
What regrets do you have from your past in relation to your artwork and what are you doing to correct it? Open them closets and let us watch the dessicated skeletons tumble out!
Also---What are your goals for the year ahead? C'mon, folks! The year is still young! :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Ninja Mountain 47-Critique These!

All right, folks.
In this episode, the Ninjas get caught up on the last of the artwork put forth for critique by the brave and bold.
Join Patrick, Socar, Drew, Ralph, and Jeremy as they learn why the word "cuirass" is ripe with comedic potential.

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Many thanks to Drew Baker and Ralph Horsley for their helpful paint-overs.

Here are the entries along with the paint-overs offered as suggestions to the artists.
Thank you all for participating!

Angela Sasser ( aka "Angelic Shades" )

To see a paint-over by Drew, check out the following link.

Chris Griffin (aka "Quickreaver")

To see a paint-over by Drew Baker, check out the following link.

Seth Rutledge ( aka "eldritch 48" on twitter)

To see Drew's paint-over, check out the following link.

Simon Anderson-Carr (aka "Scarrart")

To see Drew's paint-over, check out the following link.

Marjon ( aka "sirithduriel")

To see Drew's paint-over, check out the following link.

Elin Joseffson

To see a paint-over by Drew, check out the following link.

To see a paint-over by Ralph Horsley, check out the following link.

Drew has also made available his paint-overs with layer information intact as Photoshop files for download in zip format at the following link.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Ninja Mountain 46 - Critique That!

This week several unusually foolhardy Ninja Mountain listeners have volunteered to be critiqued by out squad of Ninja Critique Commandos: Socar, Drew, Patrick and (of course) Jeremy!

This week's victims are: Mick Collins, Jeff Johnson, Melissa Hitchcock, Chris Burdett and Nick Egberts. We didn't want to rush it too much, so we split this into two episodes, with Angela Sasser, Chris Griffin, Seth Rutledge and Simon Anderson-Carr getting their turns next week.

And, if you hurry you can get in on next week's fun too - just leave your name and a link to the piece you want critiqued in the comments to this week's episode, and we'll add you to next week's list -- BUT ONLY THE FIRST TWO RESPONDENTS. So first come, first severed.. er, served.

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The Pictures!

Mick Collins

Jeff Lee Johnson

Melissa Hitchcock

Christopher Burdett

Nick Egberts

As we were doing the episode, the ever-busy Drew was doing some paintovers to help illustrate his thoughts, plus some extra ideas he had for Chris's piece. Here they are, presented for your edification:



See you all next time for more critiques!