Monday, November 14, 2011

Episode 107 - the King of France

Welcome! It's been far too long, but since we kept you waiting we've come back with an extra-short episode. Just because we love you! Enjoy as Kieran, Socar, and Patrick are back, with listener questions (well, one, at least), and some general banter. Oh, and news about Socar's upcoming art technique book.

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Fantasy Art Drawing Skills


Denman Rooke said...

Awesome. I think I had been going through a ninja withdrawal. With only a slight fix from meeting a few of you guys at Illuxcon. Glad you guys are back after the slight break. Cheers.

Jan said...

Socar's book seems to be 24% off on BookDepository. O_o

Denman Rooke said...

Sorry to post twice, But i checked out Socar's book on Amazon and in the about the author section it reads "Socar Myles is a London-based bantasy and comic book artist." haha... Socar, what exactly is a bantasy artist?

Jan said...

Denman, bantasy is probably the banned kind of fantasy. Think extreme furry tentacle gore. ;P

@Kieran: the beer comment is interesting, especially since you mention formaldehyde.
The most common scare about formaldehyde I've heard recently is that aspartam (a popular sweetener in the US and a crucial ingredient in Patrick's favourite Light drinks) turns into formaldehyde in human body.

Wiki tells me the amount of formaldehyde (and methanol) metabolised from aspartam in humans is very small compared to other sources of the same, such as fruit and fermented drinks.

So yes, I guess beer could "give you formaldehyde". :)

Also, as you mentioned breweries, the beer there could be the live-yeast kind. And yeast (such as the very common candida albicans) also produces acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.

I'm having a bit of a candida overgrowth right now, after an antibiotics treatment. And I get drunk incredibly quickly and intensely, in fact just one beer had me fairly intoxicated for a whole another day. (and hungover for half a week)

/not related to art whatsoever :D

Jeremy Rathbone said...

fun, funny, witty, and informative, thanks again!


HybridFaerie said...

Hey guys, just finished listening to this while working digitally. Thanks for talking about my review from itunes [HybridFaerie]. Kinda shocked that you did actually. yes i was talking about Drew and Eric. how could i nitpick Socar? She makes me laugh. Cant wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I saw the "London-based bantasy artist" blurb, too. I am also wondering when I moved to London. Funny, how much the Thames looks like False Creek, these days!

Kiri said...

Thank you for answering my question guys, great episode!

David Michael Wright said...

Great stuff! You guys are the best around, and nothing's going to ever keep you down :)

Jeremy McHugh said...

Many thanks to the gang for keeping the awesome coming.
Loved the episode.

We hope to get back to our regular recording this week, if all goes well. :)
We've all been running crazy around here lately in our respective endeavors.

For me--Things seem to be leveling off, though, and the beginnings of a new stable schedule is slowly emerging at least in my currently frenetic world.
Not sure how things will be over the next several weeks, but I hope we can all get together and have some fun with the show on a more or less regular basis. :)

Fun times ahead as we enter the holiday season!

Anonymous said...

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