Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To all Ninjas...

We'll be back after the holidays!
We hope you have a fantastic and festive season.
If you're staying up on Christmas Eve in hopes of spotting Santa,
Forget it. 
He's the ultimate Ninja.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ninja Mountain 45 - Radio Ventriloquism

Started writing this in the style of a foul mouthed pirate. Then completely got over it. Think yourselves lucky.

So! Episode 45! This week the full Ninja Mountaineer Squad were largely indisposed, preparing for something called "Christmas". Nonetheless a plucky team of handpicked idio...panelists managed to get together and record their thoughts on the newly released version 3 of painting software ArtRage.

In true Ninja Mountain style discussion rambles and ranges as you might expect as Andy, Scott and Jon open up their new programs and dive in, live to tape. They share their thoughts and observations on Ambient Design's new baby. Where others may hesitate in presenting a radio show about live use of a graphics program our crack team took no prisoners.

Bit of a special interest episode, we freely admit. But what? You gonna ask for your money back?

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Show Notes:
Artrage 3:

Doh! And now updated with our AR3 doodlings made during the recording of the show!
Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

Have no fear, we'll be back soon with more critique episodes, featuring both the work of the Mountaineers and our respected listeners!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ninja Mountain 44 - Critique THIS!

We've talked about the power of critique, we've extolled the virtues of giving and getting good crits, and now we step into the crucible ourselves! Each Ninja offers up one piece to be examined and discussed by the panel, and nothing is spared. Patrick, Socar, Jeremy and 2nd-time guest Drew Baker share pictures and opinioins and maybe, just maybe, learn a little bit about love in this very special episode. Oh, and we laugh about yaoi. (A lot).

So come on in! Listen to our idea of good critiques, in this weeks awe-inspiring NINJA ART THUNDERDOME!

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The Pictures!

Socar Myles - Mr. Mole in the Wild Woods

Socar Myles - Mr. Mole detail

Jeremy McHugh - Dragonslayer

Drew Baker - Bullywug Attack original

After the critique session, Drew went back and made some changes to the initial piece. Here's his update - see what you think!

Drew Baker - Bullywug Attack after updates

Patrick McEvoy - Blasphemer

We invite you to post your own comments, as well as your own pieces for critique, in the message section below. Let's have some fun!


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ninja Mountain 43 - Let's Quickify!

Listener Brian Bowes asked us for ways to "quickify" one's work and that opened up broad discussion amongst our panel of Ninjas this week. We go to extraordinary lengths to unravel the mysteries of particle board, delve deeply into our individual art processes, and make frequent mention of a certain Art Director of whom you may have heard.

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Show Notes:
Jon Schindehette


Mattias Snygg

Ninjas on this episode:

Ralph Horsley
Anne Stokes
Socar Myles
Patrick McEvoy
Jeremy McHugh