Friday, June 26, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode #22 - Long and Drawn out

This week we welcome longtime ninja Eric Lofgren to the show! He joins Jeremy, Socar and Patrick, and everyone tries to stay on the subject of drawing: techniques, tips and philosophical meanderings. Plus a call from a listener, a write-in question, and some book and web site recommendations. It's a long, jam-packed episode, so what are you waiting for? Start listening now!

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** UPDATE: There was a sound problem at the end of the call-in section, which has now been fixed! **

Show notes...

Roger Dean books:
Dragon's Dream: Roger Dean


Magnetic Storm

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode #21 - From Boom to Bust and Back

Has the economy affected the illustration business, and how? What are the Ninjas doing about it? And could the current downturn possibly put an end to a new Golden Age of Illustration that we didn't even realize we were in? Socar, Jon, Patrick and Jeremy talk it over. Also - more of your calls and questions! Join us, aren't you?

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Show Notes

Chandra Free

Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines

The (UK) Association of Illustrators Pricing Survey

Don't forget to call in with your thoughts, questions, comments and unbridled praise! Just call Jon.Hodgson on Skype and let us know what you're thinking.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode #20 - The Listeners Strike Back!

It's a very special week on the Mountain! This time out, thanks to the magic of the Skype machine, we were able to take our first calls from listeners, and some SUPERB calls they were too! Listen to Jan's very nice praise, Chelsea's good site suggestions, Micheal's extremely fun performance art, and Elin's seemingly innocent question which ended up sparking prolonged conversation and an... interesting debate. Join Jon, Jeremy, Patrick, Ralph and Socar as we get to hear what YOU are thinking.

We had a great time doing this, so if you found it interesting please join in the fun next week by calling Jon.Hodgson on Skype and leaving a message.

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This week's mighty cast of stalwart callers:
Jan Pospisil

Chelsea Conlin

Michael Jaecks

Elin Josefsson

Honorary Ninjas all!!

Show notes:

Stanley Morrison

Jason Braun

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #19 - International Ninja Conspiracy

A special, history-making podcast today as Jon interviews Ben Wootten, some Andy, Jon and friends record in an Actual Scottish Pub, and Patrick, Jeremy and Socar discuss jobs gone wrong! Don't be the only person you know to miss it!

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Show Notes:

Ben Wootten:

John Howe:
Alan Lee:
Angus MacBride:
Kevin Walker:

Pubcast section:
The Malt Shovel:
The MeeeMooo:
Matt from the pub:
Scott Neil on The MeeeMooo, since his site seems on the fritz:
Ben Powis:
Dragon Warriors:

Artists mentioned:
Jack Vettriano:
Peter Howson:

Lochaber Axe:
Edinburgh Castle:
National Museums of Scotland:
Mervyn Peake:

Bitz of Art

This will get its own post once the new episode has had a little time to get out there, but news just in! You can now phone in voicemail for the show via jon.hodgson on Skype. Call in, leave us a message and we'll probably play it on Episode 20!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Update on Fellow Ninja Grey Thornberry.

Ninja Mountain's blog, besides being a place where we announce show updates and engage in interesting conversations with our listeners is also a news outlet for our fellow Ninjas.
Today, Grey Thornberry let me know about the latest goings-on in his studio.

Grey is keeping busy with several projects for Pathfinder (Paizo Games), due out in September of this year.
He wanted to share a recent image of an awesome Umber hulk with our listeners.
One of his many accomplished paintings was chosen as "Image of the Day"for June 2nd over at ImagineFX!, with a follow-up to be included on the dvd that comes with the July issue, check it out!

And we look forward to eventually having our friend on the show!
To learn more about Grey and his work head to Grey's Studio!

Thanks for reading, folks!