Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Episode 96---WonderCon and just plain wondering...

This episode begins with our man in the street, Patrick McEvoy, who was doing the rounds at WonderCon this year!
Patrick is joined by creators:
Jules Rivera ( though the interview was devoured whole by sad circumstance.)

This segment is followed by freely roaming banter between Patrick, Socar, and Jeremy.

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Episode 95--Waiting for FaceBook...

In this episode Drew ( with evil goatee), Socar, Eric, and Jeremy discuss the recent uproar in the comics community surrounding copyright infringement and a certain artist that will go unnamed ( unless you totally want to name him in the show notes...that's cool).

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We have recently changed the rating for this show to "Explicit".
This just means that most naughty language will no longer be covered with a "BLEEP".
We hope this doesn't harm your sense of "bility".

The show will remain otherwise unchanged for your listening pleasure. :)
Thanks for joining in the fun!