Thursday, August 19, 2010

Episode 77--Ink Bloom, Steve Ellis, NDA's and Zombies

This week features the final two interviews that Jeremy was able to cram into his trip to GenCon.
First we are joined by Chris Seaman and Jim Pavelec to discuss their innovative book, Ink Bloom.
Then Steve Ellis joins the fray to discuss his comics work and digital distribution and Comixology.
Finally, Socar and Jeremy are joined by talented illustrator, Mu Young Kim to talk about Non-Disclosure Agreements, video games, Zombies, and haggis. Not to be missed!

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If you've read Ink Bloom, Box 13, or High Moon let us know what you thought of them!
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Episode 76---Blame it on the Llhama!

Jeremy returns from GenCon to join Socar Myles, Kieran Yanner, and Patrick McEvoy in conversation on business ethics, apprentices, conventions, and llhamas! Later, we interview a few GenCon attendees for your listening pleasure!

Sarah Frary, Kyle Thomas, Christopher Burdett, and John Stanko.

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Tune in next week to learn about Chris Seaman and Jim Pavelec's new collaborative book, Ink Bloom!
We will also be posting a fun conversation with cartoonist and illustrator, Steven Ellis, about his work and the state of digital publishing. Both recorded at GenCon 2010 in those rare quiet moments...

Friday, August 06, 2010

Episode 75 - This place is bugged!

While Jeremy is away at Gen Con, we have a return visit by the long lost Ninja Kieran Yanner! Kieran, Socar and MC Patrick answer some listener questions and spend way too much time talking about various bugs. It's a strange and beautiful exploration into the minds of three human illustrators, none of whom has the slightest idea of the horrors that await them...

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And, Patrick says: Starkweather: Immortal is now available for pre-order on!

The date listed has been pushed back another month, but we have it on good authority that it will probably be out in just another 2 weeks or so!