Saturday, May 21, 2011

Episode 99--Fruit Fly Suicidal Scams...

Firstly, we at Ninja Mountain wish to bid farewell to the amazing Jeffrey Catherine Jones, an artist whose work has been so influential to so many in both the illustration and fine art world.
She will be greatly missed.

In this episode Socar, Drew, Kieran, Patrick, and Jeremy answer listener questions from Kiri Ostergaard and Preston Stone.


vinter said...

Oh, a get together would be awesome! Only thing is, I live in Norway of all places, which will make it hard for me to join. But bring tha mic\o/

Drew Baker said...

I should be in Ireland in late October. That's the closest I expect to be to Norway this year, I'm afraid.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard said...

Interesting episode! Thank you for answering my questions, I learned some from the responses.

The quote that style is everything you do wrong made me laugh, I definitely see the reason behind that idea, but it's a fun way to look at it :D

Lastly, a Ninja Mountain get together would be cool!

Thanks for the podcast, guys. It is really great.

Gordon Napier said...

Coming up to 100 already! I hope the queen remembers to send a telegraph to ninja mountain next week!

Unknown said...

Kiri - you'd like this quote too, I'll bet "A painting is a record of a series of corrections". Lovely. :)

Gordon, we haven't heard from the queen OR president Obama yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

Jeremy McHugh said...

Glad you folks enjoyed the show. :)
Thanks for the topics!

President Obama and the Queen?
They've never painted Conan, so who needs 'em...?

Like Drew and Socar always say---"Make Mine Frazetta!"

Gordon Napier said...

Telegram, I think I meant... Queen Elizabeth is quite civilized. QueenAnne was a barbarian... OK no more puns from me for the rest of the day.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard said...

The Queen of Denmark is much cooler, she's a watercolour and collage artist :D

On an entirely different note I think you were discussing building a visual reference library in a previous episode and I was just browsing around on amazon and came across 1,100 Designs and Motifs from Historic Sources, which is you buy is used is ridiculously cheap - and even more interesting, if you scroll down, is the 'Customers who bought this book also bought'

Most of them sell for 5$ or less as used, might be of interest to some artists out there.


Eddy said...

hi everyone,
Thank you for an excellent episode. I was particularly interested to hear Patrick's experience setting up his online shop. On a related topic i would love to hear your thoughts and advice on making quality digital prints for sale.

I am planning to do this with my own work and wonder if i should go to a print bureau or buy a decent A3 printer and do it home. I am tempted to go home printing way but i am not sure about the overall costs regarding inks and paper.
What are your experiences with producing prints? Any advice on printers, type of prints (Giclee etc), costs?
Once again, thank you for a great show.


David Michael Wright said...

Drew’s ‘meet up’ community building idea sounds good!

It’d be great to know some other artists, online or otherwise, that are into illustrating RPG/fantasy/horror/sci/fi stuff. Don’t really know any myself at the moment, and I imagine most people are in the same boat (or, well, rather in their own personal boats… Isolated! Frantically rowing against the tides! Using their own judgement, and a collection of informative whispers from afar as a compass to negotiate a vast, temperamental, unforgiving ocean of deathe!! Carefully rationing their resources in the hope of discovering the promised land soon! “Ahhh Titanus Behemoth approaches! Be gone evil sea monster or I shall smite thee with the Black Lettuce of Thoodar! Aieeee! Karrrach! Karrrach! Noooooooooo!” Sploosh! Silence. Waves crash softly. Driftwood surfaces. A grasping hand briefly reaches from the salty ocean toward a moonlit sky, and decends, a 0.7 2B projecting pencil slipping from its fingers sinking alongside and into the dark depths of a cold watery abysssss! (sss!)).
…. Yes I imagine it would be great fun to be able to bounce around ideas with people, share information, resources, and generally get a little feedback on your efforts now and then, perhaps even come up with insane and insidious world beating collaborative side projects. Or maybe form an international underground sewer dwelling sub culture.

Looking forward to hearing how this idea develops.

Great show as always!

David :)

P.S. Patrick’s online shop ‘How to’ was great too, been thinking of trying to set up an online shop myself for a while but haven’t really known how to go about it, very informative, good stuff. I especially liked the bit where he said tentacles.