Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode 42 - Collectors Are People Too

All right!
In this episode the Ninjas meet with Patrick Wilshire, founder of Illuxcon, to learn about the genesis of this popular event and how it was put together.
We also take advantage of Mr Wilshire's long involvement in the genre art collecting market to learn more about what makes collectors tick.
A very cool discussion that we hope you will enjoy.

Episode 42

Show links:
The Illustration Exchange
Collin Lenzen

The Ninjas this week:
Ralph Horsley
Socar Myles
Patrick McEvoy
Jeremy McHugh

Friday, November 20, 2009

Special Episode 41b - Illuxcon Part 2!

All right!
Jeremy has edited and compiled episode 2 of our two-part Illuxcon Special Extravaganza.
In this episode you get to listen in as our traveling Ninja interviews many more of our favorite artists along with a small wrap-up at the end with his friend and illustration student, Joe Acone.

Aritsts in this episode include:
Justin Gerard
Gary Lippincott
Ian Miller ( who Jeremy foolishly refers to as Ian Williams...sorry Ian. He is being beaten as we write this. He will never do that again...Ever....)
Bob Eggleton
Mark Zug
L.A "Allen" Williams
Volkan Baga
Steve Ellis
Robh Ruppel
Donato Giancola
Don Maitz

Too much awesome to be contained within one meager episode!
Thank you for joining us on our latest voyage away from the misty peak of Ninja Mountain.

We hope you will enjoy the show!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Episode 41 A---Illuxcon Episode 1!!!

Oooh la la! Jeremy here, taking over from Patrick and Jon for the week to do the whole thing on my own from recording to editing!

Too many artists for one episode!
Enjoy all the awesomeness I was able to uncover in the sleepy college town of Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Today's episode compiles the interviews I conducted on Saturday and include:
William O'Connor
Larry Elmore
Matthew Stewart
Michael Whelan
Cynthia Sheppard
Laura Diehl
Chris Burdett
Piya Wannchaiwong
Ryan Yee
and Aaron B Miller

Plus I ask two art collectors, Greg Obaugh and Mike Stubbs, what makes them tick and their thoughts on the world of fantasy art collecting.
There is more to come in episode 41 B which is on its way so stay tuned!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ninja Mountain 40b - D&D Legends Special

If you are a fan of old-school Dungeons and Dragons, great fantasy illustration, great artists, or all of the above, this may be the best show you hear all year! Join Jeremy as he hosts a special round table of Joseph Goodman, Erol Otus, Jeff Easley and Stefan Poag.

Yeah, we don't need to hype it any more than that. Just listen.

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Show Notes
Jeff Easley
Stefan Poag
Erol Otus
Goodman Games

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode 40 - Cannibals of the Typing Pool

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JOIN US! This week the team meet up at the S. Myles typing pool. The audio is absolutely shot to heck by the incessant clatter of brand spanking new imac keyboard keys, but we just like to think of that as edgy and lo-fi. And you can too!

This week the NMeers (enemeers? ew!) form up to make a giant beardless female robot dwarf, blindly marching across a poorly constructed and ill conceived cardboard landscape littered with conversational dead ends and the smoking holes left where we edited out the parts not suitable for the tender ears of our culturally refined and gloriously urbane listeners. Much as a machine built to wage war may find consciousness, nay sentient joy, in the roiling heart of battle, we like to think the kind of people who tune in to our show will find a similar, if tiny, nugget of wondrous enlightenment in the roiling heart of this week's nonsense.

Turn on, form up, fire the lazors, transform into a slightly shapeless robot dinosaur and fall apart wondrously to the strains of NINJA MOUNTAIN EPISODE 40

On this week's slice of heaven we have the towering clacking edifice of Socar Myles, the enormo-dome of Californication Patrick McEvoy, the wonderfully understated yet somehow louche in a Frank-Lloyd-Wright-gone-wrong stylee Andy Hepworth, the fantastically baroque and perspective defying mansion that is Dr Eric Lofgren Laboratories and also little Jonny Hodgson.

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Show notes?
Don't be stupid!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ninja Mountin Episode 39 - What's new?

It's a short one this week, as a planned UK-based segment fell victim to scheduling problems. But fear not! Though short in stature this episode is long in content, as we ask the question: "what's new in your studio?" Equipment, new paints, new books, new work methods - we cover it all! Plus a preview of Illuxcon plans, and some of the tomfoolery that's made Ninja Mountain the talk of water-coolers worldwide for nearly one-thirteenth of a decade!

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Show notes:


Jon Schindehette

Grumbacher Max Oils

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