Friday, May 28, 2010

Ninja Mountain Episode 67 - Technowizards

Like a booming 303 bassline from some acid-fuelled 90s dance music nightmare, our flashlight-bespectacled technonerds don their boiler suits and take to the stage behind their enormous racks of dubious looking gadgetry to bring you: Ninja Mountain Podcast Episode 67.

67 dude! (yeah I know it's not 69. It's a joke.)

In this, Jon's final show as part of the NM Podsquad, the ninjaneers discuss the impact technology has had on their businesses: Networking, squirting things down a wire, distraction, buying sable brushes through the infrawebz and a whole host of unsavoury topics which quite rightly hit the cutting room floor.

Turn on, tune in, become mildly disappointed and tinged with a general unplaceable feeling of ennui. Ninja Mountain 67. Simply the best.

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Show notes to follow!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Episode 66-Episode of the Beast...

This week two squads break ranks to pursue their devilish designs.
In the wilds of the untamed European continent Socar, Andy, Jon, and Ralph talk style and artistic improvement on the job.
Socar then teleports to North America to join the U.S. Squad in varied discussion including chat about professional life outside of rpg's.

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Jeremy makes good on his threat to share some of his early work...
Wanna see an example of the horrors that escaped Jeremy's early drawing board???

Fear not...He got better...

Perhaps you listeners out there are willing to bring forth the skeletons in your studio closet??
Show us your worst and your best! Wipe fear from your breast and join in the ghoulish fun. :)

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Ninja Mountain 65 - Remembering Frazetta

A great illustrator passed away this week, and we got several Ninjas together to talk about his life, and how he has affected us and other artists. Frank Frazetta remembered, this week on Ninja Mountain.

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Episode 64--Are we done yet??

This week we join the North American crew as they discuss a listener's question about knowing how to tell when one's work is done.
Then we are whisked away to Europe for the Foreign contingent's weighty discussion of improving one's work while in the throes of freelance professionalism.

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