Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Episode 100--Super Epic Awesomeness!

It has come.
Episode 100 of the Ninja Mountain Podcast is here!
This show is longer than one of Patrick's legendary tentacles!
Socar, Ralph, Kieran, Patrick, Jeremy, and...We are joined by a special guest to help celebrate this landmark episode so tune in for a surprise!

About midway through, Drew joins in to answer listener questions from Christopher Burdett and Eddy Crosby about making and selling prints. It was a great conversation.

Towards the end, we are joined by none other than Anne Stokes to announce a new book we should all be on the lookout for in the coming months entitled, "STOKED".
Wait 'til you hear about this tome. It is going to be awesome!

Fellow co-host, Andy Hepworth , joins Patrick for a spell and we also share recordings from listeners who wished to join in the merriment:

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Jan said...

Damn these exams, I want to listen to this now!

Alright, alright, my preciouss! Tomorrow it's painting time, we'll listen to it then, yesssss....

Anonymous said...

Dude. It's not Iron Brew. It's IRN BRU!

Jan said...

Bloody Americans! :D

BTW, I like this Irn Bru commercial better:

Irn Bru: Singing at the piano

The flying one is about a snowman and a kid being dicks.

Now, this one is about dicks too, in a way.


Jon Hodgson said...

As every fule kno the plural of ninja is ninjae. Duh.

Joe Slucher said...

hah hah I totally agree about introduction pages on websites. What's really frustrating is that some web design books recommend them. They say your website is like a home and it's nice to have a front door like an introduction page. ::rolls eyes:: Portfolio websites are more like billboards trying to get people to stop as they fly by. I'm not about to put a curtain in front of my billboard to be fancy.

frostfyre said...

Regarding the proposed meet up from ep 99, in a crowded convention season, where would a ninja con fit? With the recently announced Spectrum convention, the existing and illustrious illuxcon, and the newish CTN expo, what would a ninja con bring that isn't covered in some fashion?

Mind you, I like the idea...

MidnightIllustration said...

Congrats on reaching 100!

Re. frostfyre's comment about a meetup, what about a 'Ninja Map' to show where fans are?

Jeremy McHugh said...

IT's spelled "Mountain Dew!" Not "Mtn Do"!
Bloody Europeans....;)

Glad you guys are enjoying the show. Bit'o work getting it together, but it turned out to be a fun episode!

Good point surrounding the other cons that are entering the fold. I had not heard of the Spectrum Show. Hmm....cooollll.

I think such an event could be more of a sketch/paint gathering over a long weekend rather than a full-on convention. ( maybe some panel discussions ala the show). Hmmm....This DOES bear thought.

Alternatively, we could set up a freelance track based on NM chat at one of these most excellent gatherings. Who knows! I suppose it depends on what folks would find enjoyable and useful. :)

It would take cooperation and coordination with convention organizers to make it so.

A Ninja Map. Hmmm.....How to go about that...Sounds intriguing and useful for listeners...:)

Kiri said...

Great and amusing episode.

You should have CDs made with all 100 episodes and sell them online. I'd buy one!

Jan said...

Make a CD, or a DVD, I'll buy one right now. Sign it and I'll buy two.

Damn, I really wanted to send you guys a recorded "thank you" again. :/ Bloody microphone.

Lord Shaper said...

I still can't believe I didn't edit my fopar in the voice comment I sent you guys...

Congrats otherwise and thanks for helping me get through the day!

Mike Sass said...

Hey Ninjas... don't think us other podcasters don't notice you dissing us. Be very careful, else a breakdance war may erupt on stage at Illuxcon. Be warned.

Mike Sass said...

Oh yeah... congratulations... I guess.

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks Mike - er... have we been "served"?


Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks everyone - you're all totally awesome! And Damian, I didn't notice a mistake in your recording, you shouldn't have mentioned it! *runs to listen again!*

So, Kiri, how much _would_ you pay? *visions of hundreds of dollars dancing in my head*


Kiri said...

I'm not good with pricing given that 100 episodes is a lot of material, especially given the length of each, but I'd say around 20 - 25 $ per CD.

That is not saying the show isn't actually worth hundreds of dollars, but you need to keep it affordable to the poor wannabe or struggling illustrators that are listening ;)

Jeremy McHugh said...

Yes, Patrick. I think we were indeed served. Arms crossed on chest and baseball cap titled to the side.
Huge "servage" is on display right here from DJ Master Sass. :)

About the "Ninja plurality debate".

I do realize that there is no such word as "Ninjas" ( the plural of ninja is indeed ninja), but the overwhelming majority of people are unaware of Japanese grammar and rather than explain what will look like regularly occurring typos--I figured,

Hey-what the heck--"Ninjas" is a fun word to say even if incorrect. ;)
Has an 80's American action film feel to it. :)

"Watch out! Ninjas!!" ( just before our cigar-chomping hero unloads a 12 gauge shotgun into the shadows of a non-descript warehouse...)

Y'know--Ten One Design has been researching and developing a pressure sensitive "pogo stylus" for use with tablet pc's and iPads. No word as to when that might ever hit the market. That pen is said to generate its own pressure data for use with painting programs.
I have to apologize to folks for confusing the Wacom pen with that (hopefully) upcoming technology.

I think it was mere wishful thinking on my part. :P

And it seems like Wacom would be the most logical manufacturer to spearhead this type of hardware. Hmmm... Get off yer ass Wacom!!


Gordon Napier said...

Congratulations on 100 awesome episodes! Yay for Aberdeen, I was born there as well!

Jeremy Rathbone said...

Yay! one hundred Episodes!!!!
That one is now my second favorite! (it may be a while before be my absolute favorite gets toppled.) ;)
I think meeting up would be awesome! I think a good start would be to find out where people live. I live in Northern Ca.

By the way we americans may not not have IRN BRU but we do have BRAWNDO!

Patrick said...

Thanks Gordon and Jeremy. :) It's so good to know so many artists are listening!

Jeremy McHugh said...

Idiocracy--A modern classic film where a thoroughly average man becomes known as the smartest man in the world simply by expressing common sense in a dystopian future America.

Rent it now.

Jeremy Rathbone said...

two out of two Jeremys agree!

David Michael Wright said...

Ninja Mountain is the best thing since sliced bread!

Great 100th episode folks, really enjoyed it! (always do).

Keep up the good work!

David :)

Aledin said...

Hey guys,
while waiting for a nice pen, which iPad applications would you recommend to paint?

ATOM said...

Great work guys! Long may it continue. The idea of Ninja Mountain Art Tutorials really appeals to me on a cellular level.