Sunday, March 29, 2009

A special note of thanks from a co-host to his co-hosts...

Episode 9 is here and Episode 10 is on the way this week---a milestone approaches!
So far we are having a blast creating this show and it's been great that so many folks are enjoying it and getting good things out of it.

Everyone who appears on the show from the core panel of artists to our regular guests and occasional special guests have given a great deal of their time and talent to making this show what it is...
An excellent resource for aspiring and veteran artists alike.

All of them deserve our thanks!
Regular panelists and co-hosts: Andy Hepworth, Kieran Yanner, Ralph Horsely, Anne Stokes, and Scott Johnson.
Special guests: Von Glitschka and Mattias Snygg
All have shared with us their experience, advice, and insight for which we are grateful.
They all give of their time and join us for recording sessions to produce each entertaining episode.

I also want to take a moment to offer special recognition to two individuals who work tirelessly to bring you each installment of The Ninja Mountain Scrolls.

Patrick McEvoy and Jon Hodgson. Their contributions to the show extend beyond offering terrific insights and advice ( along with doses of good humor) as co-hosts of the program.

Patrick organizes and records each episode and then prepares it for the web by hosting the program on his own web server in addition to uploading it to ITunes. He even prepares the show notes for each episode and posts the write-up to our blog!

Jon Hodgson provides back-up recording and shares with Patrick the task of producing the music and sound effects that you enjoy each episode. Both share a background in music and apply their talents to the show's sound design. Not to mention Jon's own special interviews with leading artists in the industry.

Without these two creators, Ninja Mountain Scrolls would not be the great program that it is.

Thank you, gentlemen, and thank you, once again, to all of our panelists and listeners for your support of The Ninja Mountain Scrolls. A podcast for artists and by artists.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #9 - Spinning ideas into gold!

Well, it's that time of the week again. And this time out we have a very talkative group indeed - Patrick, Jon, Jeremy, Keiran and Ralph chat about the very big subject of getting ideas from your head and onto the page. And getting those ideas in the first place... And what happens when there aren't any ideas at all! Plus a book review and an exciting tool tip. Join us for a very special episode, won't you?

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Show notes

Oblique Strategies:
Jon's painting teacher from high school:
JW Waterhouse:
Leeds Royal Armouries:
Leeds UK?: link
Drawing Board?:
Art Order! Art Order

Drafting machines?
Here's the kind Patrick has.

Here's the kind that attaches more solidly.

Patrick says: here's a great example of what I was talking about when you have a subject that isn't exactly scintillating, but you still need to do something to make it interesting. Here, I was given the assignment of doing this World of Warcraft card featuring a Shield on a warrior's back. The shield was based on a previous design that needed to be used, and the card had to prominently feature the item (it's an "item" card)

Now, this wasn't really much to go on, so this was a case where I decided to make the picture about textures and light, rather than action or story. And I think it came out OK - I tried to make the piece attractive by doing lots of shine, reflections and highlights on the shield contrasting with worn and textured armor and floor. So when I mention the "fine art" approach of adding interest to an illustration, this is what I'm talking about!

(This picture is copyright © 2007 Upper Deck and Blizzard, used by permission.)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #8 - Ninja Army ATTACK!!

This week we present an unstoppable ninja army so huge, so utterly without hope of containment, that we split it into three parts! Joining Jeremy, Patrick, Jon, Andy and Kieran, we also introduce Anne Stokes, Ralph Horsley, and Mattias Snygg. The first segment features Anne, Jeremy, Patrick and Kieran. The second part brings us Ralph, Andy, Jon and Jeremy, and the third is a one-on-one with Jon and Mr. Snygg. Enjoy the bounty!

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Show Notes:

Armor links

The Medieval Soldier: 15th Century Campaign Life Recreated in Colour Photographs

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #7 - A guest!

On our latest artistic excursion, Jeremy, Kieran and Patrick welcome a special guest, illustrator and designer Von Glitschka. We talk about style and how to develop it, style and how to market yours, style and when to use one... well, you get the idea! Also some talk about comics, portfolios and silly names.

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Show Notes:
Freelance Switch!
The Mysterious fantasy artist that Von mentions...

The Art Of P. Craig Russell
Adobe Illustrator

Twitter is omnipresent:
Von Glitschka
Patrick McEvoy
Scott Johnson
Jeremy McHugh

Friday, March 06, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #6 - Photo Ref & Marvel talk

Jon is gone for a couple of weeks, but in his stead we've recruited two - yes TWO - alternate Ninjas for duty. Let's have a big round of applause for Kieran Yanner and Scott Johnson!

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This week's topics include photo reference, a bit of illustration history, freelancers on contract, a new book review, and some discussion about Scott and Patrick's work for Marvel (in broad terms so no one has to be killed for saying too much!)

Even though Jon was out this week, he did provide some new sounds and closing music - please enjoy!

John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop
Norman Rockwell official site

Scott Johnson -
Kieran Yanner -

Here are some examples of Scott's Marvel art:
Marvel Montage
Marvel Universe panorama

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See you next week!