Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ninja Mountin Episode 39 - What's new?

It's a short one this week, as a planned UK-based segment fell victim to scheduling problems. But fear not! Though short in stature this episode is long in content, as we ask the question: "what's new in your studio?" Equipment, new paints, new books, new work methods - we cover it all! Plus a preview of Illuxcon plans, and some of the tomfoolery that's made Ninja Mountain the talk of water-coolers worldwide for nearly one-thirteenth of a decade!

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Jon Schindehette

Grumbacher Max Oils

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Unknown said...

See you there Jeremy! If I don't see you around for some reason come by my tiny table Saturday night at the Ramada.

Madeline Carol Matz said...

Attending and manning a table for the Collectors' Event Saturday night, too.

Ralph Horsley said...

I bought a pb copy of Wrightson's Frankenstein some 15 years ago - boy did that get some heavy poring over :)

Anonymous said...

If anyone was wondering what it was I tried to say, the last couple of episodes, it was that **** * ***** * **** ** ********* ***** **** **** * ******* ***** * *** ** ******** * ** *** * ********** ************* *** ******* *******!!!!!


Ninja Mountain said...

Hey, Ralph! Always great to see you drop by. Yes, that Wrightson Frankenstein should be in EVERY illustrator's library, I think.

Socar, I've always thought you were ******* in ***** over the ****** with *******, but now I've been proven wrong. You are a wonderful ******, and I'll fight any ******** who says otherwise.


Unknown said...

Seems like the Wrightson book is recommended by yet another ninja! I have it too and by god it's well worth grabbing.. 'The Lost Frankenstein Pages' is worth finding too, just to complete the Wrightson/Frankenstein lurve :)

Joe Wilson said...

I should be at Illuxcon as well Friday and Saturday. I'm going to try to make it a point to track you down! Otherwise I'll likely be hanging out at Cynthia Sheppard's table. Will be nice to put a face to those mysterious voices that keep me entertained on the weekends.

Jan said...

Fun episode. Listened to it three times.

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks Jan! We had a lot of fun with it. :)


Jan said...

Arrgh, I was a bit tired and angry typing that comment. I must try to be a bit more constructive/informative next time, sorry. :/

It's just that the main thought after listening to most NM episodes is usually "Damn, that was FUN!". ;)

Of course, I get a lot more from the podcast than just amusement.

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey, it sounded like a good comment to me! :D