Friday, November 13, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode 40 - Cannibals of the Typing Pool

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JOIN US! This week the team meet up at the S. Myles typing pool. The audio is absolutely shot to heck by the incessant clatter of brand spanking new imac keyboard keys, but we just like to think of that as edgy and lo-fi. And you can too!

This week the NMeers (enemeers? ew!) form up to make a giant beardless female robot dwarf, blindly marching across a poorly constructed and ill conceived cardboard landscape littered with conversational dead ends and the smoking holes left where we edited out the parts not suitable for the tender ears of our culturally refined and gloriously urbane listeners. Much as a machine built to wage war may find consciousness, nay sentient joy, in the roiling heart of battle, we like to think the kind of people who tune in to our show will find a similar, if tiny, nugget of wondrous enlightenment in the roiling heart of this week's nonsense.

Turn on, form up, fire the lazors, transform into a slightly shapeless robot dinosaur and fall apart wondrously to the strains of NINJA MOUNTAIN EPISODE 40

On this week's slice of heaven we have the towering clacking edifice of Socar Myles, the enormo-dome of Californication Patrick McEvoy, the wonderfully understated yet somehow louche in a Frank-Lloyd-Wright-gone-wrong stylee Andy Hepworth, the fantastically baroque and perspective defying mansion that is Dr Eric Lofgren Laboratories and also little Jonny Hodgson.

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Show notes?
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Jon Hodgson said...

Man I should get paid barrel loads of gold for writing this stuff. And a medal. And a pony. And a restraining order. No wait.

Jan said...

You do that?! :D For some reason I thought it was Patrick. But you're right, it suits you more.

Anyway, the descriptions are epic. (didn't I write this before? I'm sure I did. See? It must be true!)

Jon Hodgson said...

Sometimes I write them, sometimes Patrick writes them. I will leave it to you, gentle reader to decide on who's work is your favourite.

Jan said...

*Resists to say: "Patrick is my favourite!" in a sexy lady-robot voice*

Why, of course, Jon, yours are my most favourite ones!

Jan said...

Poor Eric didn't get a mention in the description?

Aaah, elf/dwarf discussion. Very nice.
Ech, I could be so nerdy right now and write about the origins of elves and dwarves, the different mythologies...But that would be lame of course. ;)

Anyway, great discussion on IPs and making stuff believable and functional.
Great stuff overall actually. How do you guys do it? The previous episode such as it was and now this, very informative and erudite. :)

Jon Hodgson said...

I think you will find if you read the show description a second time, with more care, Eric's mention is now er I mean was always there.

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...

'Best stinger ever. Please isolate an edited out bit of a cryptic Patrick comment and add echo to it every time. "The thing about hamsters..."

I once wrote that I yearned for more of the random conversational filler, but now I wish you guys would remember to throw in a hard issue or two, some gripes, etc. As a fellow illustrator scraping by, I find that my favorite moments are the crumbs you let slip out that help me realize we are all somewhat struggling, if not monetarily then in other ways. Hit the pitfalls and the outrage-if only once in a while. I like the stories about bad about clients. How about a "worst client contest?" (without revealing names-listeners should be allowed to write/call in)

Lastly, according to your listenership data, do the hard words have to be bleeped? Do you really have young kids listening?

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...

PS_I concur about "Dragonslayer" and we have the same conversation, almost verbatim about how great it was that the dragon walked like a bat.

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...

PSS__I watched "Legend" again the other day for the first time in 7 years or so, and despite Tom Cruise in panties, I felt that it had an ambience for fantasy that you just don't get these days-am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry about the keyboard! I thought these stupid iMac ones were quiet. I will remember how to use that mute button, next time.

Hathaway said...

It's very interesting to see your take on dragons, which was basically my default subject throughout high school and half of college. Personally I'm in the realistic dragon crowd, I like to see how each monster would fit into its ecosystem (even if there are added unnatural elements like, say, magic) and it kinda distracts me if the anatomy is very wrong. Maybe that's a sci fi influence though, who knows.

Very much agree on older fantasy being terrifying. I was raised on the old tales, and up until I was a teen I was rather wary of circles of mushrooms in the forest and rather covetous of iron blades :)

MuYoung Kim said...

Another lovely episode as always! I loved how the discussion digress to one of archetypes and mythology, and I found Eric's comments particularly edifying.

Oh, and it's funny that Den Beauvais was mentioned. He's very, very much into conspiracy theory at the moment, and is not doing art which makes me sad.

Oh, oh, and for big screen depictions of dragons, I still feel Reign of Fire is at the top for realism and cg that stills stands up well today.

Jan said...

Mhm, Reign of Fire, while not very good a film, had very impressive dragons. A bit too cliche modern fantasy ones though, at least for my liking.

I LOVE Draco in Dragonheart. Yeah yeah, I'm a wuss. I know. The design was interesting (as someone mentioned - Andy?, very catlike), the animators did an excellent job and Sean Connery...Patrick, in case you hate everything that is holy in this world, don't say anything about Sean Connery. Please.

I wonder if Smaug in The Hobbit will be special as he should be. Hm.

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...

Sean Connery recommended giving your woman "open-handed slaps to the mouth" if she doesn't stop trying to get the last word in an argument. That make him a piece of s*** actually.

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...

I have faith in Del Tormo's vision for "The Hobbit."

Bring on the talking spiders!

MuYoung Kim said...

What I loved most about the Reign of Fire dragons were that they had realistic wing spans proportional to their bodies, and the overall thought given to how (structurally) they could fly was very refreshing at the time.

As for the Hobbit, I wonder where del Toro is going to sneak in his signature "eyeless" creature...

Andy said...

"do the hard words have to be bleeped? Do you really have young kids listening?"

I have no idea, but on a free access format like i-tunes, we just think its a prudent and sensible move to censor out potentially offending remarks.

Cacodaemonia said...

Interesting topics today. I really enjoyed your opinions on dragon design, and have added Dragonslayer to my Netflix queue. :)

Unknown said...

It's great listening to this after the "How to train your dragon" movie came out. I think they did some great designs on the film and i think it shows that a terrible dragon does not have to be big to be feared. :)

Hmm i would have to agree, one of my personal pet peeves are people who are not aware that they always have to interrupt people and talk over them.

Have i mentioned i love Socar, think she is freaking funny and love her art?? :D :D :D :D :D :D