Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode 42 - Collectors Are People Too

All right!
In this episode the Ninjas meet with Patrick Wilshire, founder of Illuxcon, to learn about the genesis of this popular event and how it was put together.
We also take advantage of Mr Wilshire's long involvement in the genre art collecting market to learn more about what makes collectors tick.
A very cool discussion that we hope you will enjoy.

Episode 42

Show links:
The Illustration Exchange
Collin Lenzen

The Ninjas this week:
Ralph Horsley
Socar Myles
Patrick McEvoy
Jeremy McHugh


ATOM said...

Thank's guys n gurls,

I'm enjoying these quite a bit.

LandPainter said...

Another great interview! Well done ninjas! You have snatched the pebble from the masters hand.

Jan said...

A quite interesting episode!

I almost feel like buying some paint and trying the traditional stuff again.
It would be epic fail though, I haven't used paint since highschool and I wouldn't even know how to apply anything except very basic watercolors. :/

Anyway, a good episode, I didn't know much about art collecting.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!! Sorry we've all been so remiss lately on replying, but we've been buried in our individual work lately. We really do appreciate all the comments. And hey, look - a new episode's coming out already! Woot!

Jan said...

Who'd be mad about that?! Silly, silly..
Patrick, you're just my favourite. ;)