Friday, November 20, 2009

Special Episode 41b - Illuxcon Part 2!

All right!
Jeremy has edited and compiled episode 2 of our two-part Illuxcon Special Extravaganza.
In this episode you get to listen in as our traveling Ninja interviews many more of our favorite artists along with a small wrap-up at the end with his friend and illustration student, Joe Acone.

Aritsts in this episode include:
Justin Gerard
Gary Lippincott
Ian Miller ( who Jeremy foolishly refers to as Ian Williams...sorry Ian. He is being beaten as we write this. He will never do that again...Ever....)
Bob Eggleton
Mark Zug
L.A "Allen" Williams
Volkan Baga
Steve Ellis
Robh Ruppel
Donato Giancola
Don Maitz

Too much awesome to be contained within one meager episode!
Thank you for joining us on our latest voyage away from the misty peak of Ninja Mountain.

We hope you will enjoy the show!


Gordon Napier said...

Sounds like an impressive event. It must have been a privilege to see all that original artwork, and meet all those big names. Probably tiring and a bit daunting to do all those interviews, too, although they all seemed very nice and very grounded. Thanks for the effort,and the useful insights gleaned from the modern masters.

OnDrawnWings said...

So good.

I can only think of one request/suggestion, Jeremy, and it's catering to how poor I am at dividing my attention between working on art and listening:

What if, when you concluded the interview, you could remind us of who you were just talking to? ie..."and that was Larry Elmore, thanks Larry." (or the like)

Shawn Escott said...

Great interviews Jeremy! What an amazing event for artists! I would have loved to have been there. Thanks for putting together these podcasts.

Ninja Mountain said...

I'm really glad you folks enjoyed the show.
I had to earn my podcast editing chops on these.
Patrick and Jon had been the editors for the previous 40 odd episodes so it was great to get in there and learn my way.
Patrick was an able tutor.
You could almost hear their sigh of relief when I mentioned to them that I wanted to put these episodes together on my own.
But they were still there ready to catch me should I fall on my face.
Thankfully all went smoothly and I was also feeling reasonably confident in my interviewing style which seems to put the interviewees at ease even though I am pretty much a star-struck fanboy when it comes to many of these amazing artists.

Well, more to come! I just put together episode 42 which should come out tomorrow. Hope you like it. We talk art collecting with Patrick Wilshire, founder of Illuxcon and The Illustration Exchange.
'Til then!

Unknown said...

This was absolutely brilliant. You certainly started some very jealous feelings and early plannings in my head.

I don't know if i can make it next year. But two years time and i am there.