Thursday, November 19, 2009

Episode 41 A---Illuxcon Episode 1!!!

Oooh la la! Jeremy here, taking over from Patrick and Jon for the week to do the whole thing on my own from recording to editing!

Too many artists for one episode!
Enjoy all the awesomeness I was able to uncover in the sleepy college town of Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Today's episode compiles the interviews I conducted on Saturday and include:
William O'Connor
Larry Elmore
Matthew Stewart
Michael Whelan
Cynthia Sheppard
Laura Diehl
Chris Burdett
Piya Wannchaiwong
Ryan Yee
and Aaron B Miller

Plus I ask two art collectors, Greg Obaugh and Mike Stubbs, what makes them tick and their thoughts on the world of fantasy art collecting.
There is more to come in episode 41 B which is on its way so stay tuned!


Cacodaemonia said...

Oh man, Jeremy, this whole thing was audio gold. Amazing, awesome interviews. :)

And OMG the interview with Larry Elmore was hysterical! What an awesome guy. :) It must have been amazing to work at TSR back then, despite the middle-management headaches.

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...

I was riveted by the Larry Elmore interview. So far, he's the only one to speak open and candidly about what TSR was like.

Ahh...if only life was left to artists, it would be all rubber band fights, laughter and art, but let the world be run by middle management and watch the zombie apocalypse begin tomorrow.

It pulled at the heartstrings I didn't know I had left to hear one of my long-time heroes plea to the miscreants to let him paint the scene as it should be. I know art direction is sometimes key for a product but I think we've all felt that inevitable vampyric drain, bit by bit as we realize there is always someone trying to pull the strings on us with the promise of a few dollars.

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...

Great job Jeremy. Thank you very much.

BTW, did you say, "Loosh?" I thought I heard you say loosh instead of "lush," and I spit coffee on myself.

Ninja Mountain said...

I indeed did say "loosh". I've known a few Brits in my day and the campy pronunciation exerts itself in my sillier moments. :)
Let it be known though that I've only heard it uttered this way in a Brit's silly moments as well.
I don't want Jon and Ralph to kick my a$$ for misrepresenting their people. ;)

Thanks, Chelsea! Hydesite.
I'm glad you enjoyed the show.
As for Larry, I met him at my first Origins convention and I've always made it a point to drop by his booth at any con and say Howdy. I knew he'd be a great interview and it tied in so well with the Old School DnD episode.
I'm told that the second half of the show will appear next Monday. I've already prepared the podcast and I can't wait to see it go live.
Brom, Mark Zug, Donato Giancola, Justin Gerard, Bob Eggleton, Don Maitz....


Jan said...

"Brom, Mark Zug, Donato Giancola, Justin Gerard, Bob Eggleton, Don Maitz...."

O_O Awesome, can't wait for those!

Jan said...

Finally I had a chance to listen to this. And I'm very impressed and jealous!

Great work with the interviews, Jeremy!
I envy you guys so much, having conventions like this. :(

Unknown said...

That was awesome. I actually feel a little separate from most fantasy lovers in that i don't know of that many people in the field (slowly changing) but i do know my favourite Dragonlance novel cover artists. Larry Elmore, man i loved his stuff.

All the other guys were great, i just had a lot of nostalgia running through that bit so yeah! :D