Friday, October 30, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode 38 - Epic Chair Fail

Once again our crack team of ninjas... no wait, our team of crack ninjas...I'll come in again.
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This week on Ninja Mountain: Robo Jeremy returns to introduce Patrick,
Socar, Jon, and Ralph, who discuss: Stuff! Stuff like: A single top tip for aspiring illustrators, good and bad qualities in art direction, defending your home against shotgun assassins, sketching, and Twitter.

You'll marvel as Socar takes the moderator's golden laurel wreath and takes charge. Gasp in amazement as Patrick swings from rope to rope, roll your eyes as Jon says "you know" a lot, and feel that funny feeling in your tummy like going over a hump backed bridge in the back of the car when you were a kid as Ralph breaks ranks and offers actual content.

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Show notes:
coming soon! (Wait, are there any notes for this show?)


Jan said...

Awesome! I wish there were more shows which would have episode descriptions this epic. :D

Alonso said...

great show folks, thank you

can anyone point me to an example of the level of sketch you would send in for approval? I had always assumed it would need to be really tightly tied down, which seemed terribly tedious to me to have to do the exact same art twice


mindfields said...

Hey Alonso hit me with an email so I can send you a Wizards of the coast sketch for reference.

Purdy said...

I really enjoyed the podcast this week guys, I'd go far as to say that it's probably one of the best for a while.. well done and cheers again for taking time out to satisfy our draining art chat needs :)

Jan said...

I would agree with Scott, definitely one of the best episodes in a while.

Listened to it twice yesterday and I will probably listen to it again today. ;)

btw, it's truly chair breaking season. My dad's office chair broke like two days ago.

Purdy said...

Oh yeah I forgot to say, I'm gutted I couldn't make it on, but if Jer takes another week off one day I'll try and make it on to bring my working class cacker attitude into the podcast ;)

Jan said...


mindfields said...

Good show guys. Really. My Fridays are way happier since I found your podcast many moons back.

Robo Jeremy = EPIC WIN!!

Ralph Horsley said...

Thanks for the comments - glad you enjoye dthe show.

I put a process piece up on my blog recently that covers sketches. here's the link:

Cacodaemonia said...

Socar's chair fail made me LOL. :B

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, guys! You know how life can be.

P.J. Magalhães said...

i want my episode 38 dammit! :( :(

It is a double of episode 39. But i seem to be the only one having the problem? don't get it!

Patrick said...

Hmm... I'll look into that. :?

Ninja Mountain said...

I'm already uploading the mp3 to my server and have corrected the URL to reflect the change.
We're all good!
Thanks, Patrick.

P.J. Magalhães said...

Thanks Jeremyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D

P.J. Magalhães said...

Man i had completely forgotten about the title until the outro! :D I can imagine how Socar really did hurt herself, those things are dangerous when you don't expect it!

Well worth the wait for Jeremy to load it up so i could listen to it! :D Laugh out loud for real! :D