Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ninja Mountain special - Listener round table

It's a special middle-of-the-week episode, courtesy of Socar, who coordinated and recorded our first-ever listener round-table discussion. Joining Socar are Ninja Mountain regular Eric Lofgren, along with Mike Schley, Erika Harm, and Mary Layton.

(The sound quality is a bit rough here and there, but it's well worth it for the awesome discussion!)


Show Notes:




Jan said...

Holy sh! Socar, I love you!

More podcast goodness for my NM folder is always awesome. It's interesting to load them all in Winamp and set it to Random. If it jumps from let's say 30 to episode 5, the shows are quite different.

ATOM said...

Mid-week podcasts? Whatever next?
Thanks very much, I will be listening to this later today as I scrawl.

CGriffin said...

Mary Layton was there twice? Oooh, I'm impressed with her multi-tasking! :D

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey! No one's actually supposed to READ my silly posts, just listen to the podcast... Oh well, that's what I get for writing in the middle of the night. ;)

Ralph Horsley said...


Good to hear a differnt mix of people, with their own range of approaches to making art commercially. Thanks Socar.

I was wanting to check out some of their work, but the show note links aint working :(

Jan said...

Ralph, the links are a bit broken, they have "http://ninjamountain.blogspot.com/2009/10/" before the actual addresses. If you erase that, or simply copy paste the addresses from the article, they'll work fine.
(I think this happens if you try to link to addresses without "http://" from blogger)


(I assume you know Eric's and Socar's work. :))

Ninja Mountain said...

OR! I could just go in and fix them. Like magic! :)