Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ninja Mountain 37 - The All-Necrophelia Episode

This week it's a big group indeed! Jon, Eric, Andy, Socar, Patrick and Jeremy all team up to answer questions about art school and job negotiations. And of course, the topics wander into many interesting areas. Very interesting. Very interesting and, let us say, "specialized". But it's all in good fun, and no corpses were harmed during the recording of this week's episode. Join us, won't you?

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Show Notes:

Jon Hodgson's Fantasy Art for Beginners:

Chandra Free - The God Machine


Ben said...

Another good episode guys, good to hear Eric back. Much applause for your hard work putting all this together, time and time again!

Jan said...

Oh, a really pleasing episode! Great to hear so many of you again! Jon and Eric back...
And Socar certainly didn't disappoint :D talk about raising the bar every episode. Of course, Patrick and his double anal helped. Mr.McEvoy surely knows how to shock his audience. If it's not Tolkien hate, it's rectal humour.


Yarp. Time to listen to it again!

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks Ben! And now there's even more Eric in the mid-week epsisode. :D

Jan, we're always glad to please you with our anal. Humor, that is.

P.J. Magalhães said...

Hope the book has been doing well since this podcast. :)

Thanks again guys. I am catching up.

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey, PJ! It's great to see you are still sticking with it and leaving comments. :D Hope you're still enjoying them!