Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ninja Mountain 36 - Barry Manilow

This week it's a small yet tiny group, as Socar, Jeremy and Patrick field more of your questions from Twitter. From painting, to digital, to client relations and many other subjects too. So come for the discussion, stay for the singing!

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Show Notes:

Barry Manilow

My Turn Mobile


MuYoung Kim said...

It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it...wait...err...hmmm.


Ninja Mountain said...

MuYoung - you now have the record for fastest NM comment EVARRRR!!!!!


Christopher Burdett said...

It should be know that I tagged a footnote on my question about missing deadlines and contacting Art Directors... "This is not about me. Just wandering your thoughts."

I manage my time and workload perfectly.... So any ADs listening to NMPC should not assume I miss my deadlines. :)

Ninja Mountain said...

Ah, sorry for missing that, Chris! And, er... none of us has ever missed a deadline either! It was an entirely fanciful and hypothetical conversation. I'm glad we got that cleared up!


Unknown said...

I guess that was Scott Johnson you guys went to Vegas with? Either that or I was completely wrecked with drugs and alcohol, drunk on living life like a rock star and have no memory of the event!

Ninja Mountain said...

Well, that does pretty much sum up your life these days, doesn't it Mr. P?


MuYoung Kim said...


Yes! On a totally unrelated note, I also have the honor of most complete lack of life evarrrr. It's all coming up Mu...

...god, that's sad...


Anonymous said...

I have missed a deadline. I am very ashamed. It was a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

hello ninja's a lil question for your show

I was wondering about what ever resources every here is using to aid in self promotion?

personally i found the AOI Client Directories very good and i have got work out them but i only email dint post so thus only contacted a quarter of the list which was foolish on my part.

and i'm currently trying to see if their are any other international version of the AOI which has any thing the same, but not finding much luck..

I got the writer and artist hand book form a library once , it seem more aimed at writes then illustrators

where else should i be looking?

what is every one else using?


- James pepper

Jan said...

Did Patrick manage to insult all NMP listeners by indirectly calling them stupid boring losers? :DD

Also, has anyone identified the movie in Cantonese Socar mentioned and Patrick wished he'd never see?

Anonymous said...

Jan, yes, I did finally remember which movie it was:

It's really not HALF so bad as Patrick thinks. My description didn't do it justice. If you like lighthearted romantic comedies with a lot of penis jokes, this one's for you.