Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ninja Mountain 35 - Crossover!

Welcome to another exciting episode of Ninja Mountain, this time with a big difference. No, we won't suddenly start to make sense or something - that's crazy talk. No, this time we are crossing over with Thomas James from the Escape from Illustration Island site and podcast. The first part of our day was devoted to Thomas trying to interview us (fat chance of that) for his podcast. You can hear that on his site soon. And the second part, which you'll hear here, was Thomas attempting to figure out how we still have a podcast when we are obviously too silly to do anything other than giggle at our own off-color jokes.

So! Let the fun begin! Thomas James joins Patrick, Andy, Socar, Jeremy, and the long-lost Jon for an episode of fun and information. We discuss Podcasting and social networking, and finish answering the questions from listeners that we began last week. So... Join us... Join usssss!!!

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Show Notes:

Escape From Illustration Island
Thomas James

The Ninja Mountain episode of EFII will be released Tuesday, 10/13/2009. Keep an eye out for it!


Jan said...

Jon is back, yay! \o/

Aaah, the joys of Friday. I still haven't listened to the previous episode properly so I'll have two for tonight!

Ninjas, you rock!

ATOM said...

Nice one! This will keep me amused this morning while I scrawl, ta!

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey Jan, hope you enjoy! Thanks for the note. :)

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks Atom - Have fun!

Purdy said...

Good podcast gang. I love it when you bring in guests, that's the way forward I reckon.. keep 'em coming! :)

Jan said...

Well said, Scott! Now, when will YOU appear on the podcast again, hmmmmm?!


Purdy said...

lol, cheers Jan.
I'm sadly lacking in the ability to have anything interesting to say, but cheers for the nudge :)

Purdy said...

A hanful of podcasts that might interest some of you..
Reviewing HP Lovecrafts tales, humorous and interesting.
'Toothless' by JP Moore, an audio novel set in 12th century England. demons, undead and Templars.

Also check out the audio novels by Scott Sigler.

All of these are available FOR FREE on I Tunes ;)

Thomas said...

Thanks for the show guys! Who would have thought you could have so much fun being surrounded by ninjas.


Jason Pruett said...

you should go to i-tunes and download the free book "Free: the future of a radical price" - it's really good - talks about making money with free - and that sort of thing - very interesting

Jason Pruett said...

oh yeah - Bobby Chiu's going to do a live interview with Peter de Seve on October 7th over on

Cacodaemonia said...

Awesome painting tip, Jeremy! When I use acrylics to paint custom Munnies, I always try to get them painted in one day so that I don't have to remix the same colors, and invariably be unable to match them. :P

Great episode, everyone! I've started listening to EFII, and am looking forward to the crossover ep.

jennydraws said...

Judging from your last podcast with Thomas, you guys sound like loads of fun to be around.