Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ninja Mountain 34 - Triple shot!!

It's a huge episode this week, with three utterly AWSOME segments! First, Andy, Socar, Patrick and Jeremy take lots and lots of questions from listeners and answer them with the laser-sharp focus and on-topic concentration for which we are justifiably famous. Then Ralph joins in to talk about making your art dynamic - what are the elements that art directors are looking for in a visually exciting picture? Then Anne joins in to to talk about preparations for a new picture (spoiler alert: we ALL agree!) Audio fun-time nuclear happy starts... NOW!

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Show Notes:
In a couple of days we'll put up all the twitter names here for the folks who wrote in with questions!


Angela Sasser said...

Thanks for answering my questions, guys! I think we could all use imaginary minions like Socar's.

Great stuff, as usual:D Thanks for always being a great source of helpful knowledge and inspiration!

Alonso said...

great podcast folks, thanks a lot.

Do you have any sites for Bama's illustrative stuff? All I can find is the cowyboy stuff.

Can I request you put chapters into your podcasts? Like the SplineDoctors do? So I can forward or rewind to the section I'm trying to reference when re listening.

(you might get more comments if you accept anonymous ones)

The flying spaghetti monster is sad you didn't talk like pirates for international talk like a pirate day

thanks for the fun podcasts, keep up the bickering ;)

Amy said...

Another great one you guys. Thankyou again!

I'm only fairly new as a Ninja Mountain groupie, so I haven't listened to the entire back recordings yet (getting there! I'll be sad when I run out and have to wait week by week!), but I do have a question which I hope hasn't been asked yet!
You guys do a lot of freelance painting work, but what are your thoughts on things like licensing for merchandise (shirts, mugs, stickers and the like) or having a retail website where you might sell prints, magnets - that sort of stuff.
I've noticed some of my favourite artists have enormous (self run) online stores, while some sell the odd original and nothing else.
I'm very curious about the approach you've chosen to take, and why!
Thanks again guys!

Jan said...

Amy, look through the old episodes, there was a whole segment about licensing artwork with Anne Stokes!

Amy said...

Aah, will do! Thankyou!
I KNEW I shouldn't have asked a question until I finished listening to all the old ones!

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey, thanks for writing everyone! Sorry we've been remiss in answering this week... we're all busy ninjas!

Angela - our pleasure!

Alonso - I don't know if there's a great site, but you NEED THIS BOOK:

Amy - yeah, Jan is right, Anne had a lot of great things to say! And thanks for stopping by the boards. :)

And Jan - thanks for stepping up with the good info!


P.J. Magalhães said...

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I have exercises for counteracting nerd/artist neck pain, the pressure that sitting all day does to your 5th vertebra, stretches... I just don't do them as often as i should! LOL

Honestly, at the end of each work day you should set time aside to do some stretching, and one or two exercises and stuff like that. It will pay off in the end.