Friday, January 22, 2010

Ninjas pride themselves on remaining in the shadows, however...

As of this moment, the Ninja Mountain Scrolls site will be implementing a 'no anonymous postings' ruling. 

Anonymous posting will no longer be allowed and all such posts, regardless of content, will be deleted.

This is to encourage open discussion while simultaneously holding each participant clearly accountable for their own statements and behavior. 

We believe that this will engender self-moderation during debates, and offset the requirement for a more formal arrangement. 

Internet handles are acceptable ( and often entertaining), but a real name or link to a real site must appear somewhere in your posts or profile to engender professional discourse and accountability.

Those associated with the Ninja Mountain Podcast have willingly and necessarily adopted complete openness in their weekly recorded discussions. We are all identified by our real names ( or widely known pen names) and our URLs are prominently displayed.

We take full responsibility for our statements and invite others to weigh the advice we offer by visiting our sites and learning more about our careers.

We believe that those who make use of the show blog should be held to the same standards and that such will add to the enjoyment of all who visit the site.

Thank you to all of our fellow Ninjas and we look forward to your continued enjoyment of the show and accompanying blog.

Jeremy McHugh

Ninja Mountain Podcast Co-Host

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