Monday, February 01, 2010

Ninja Mountain 50 - ONE YEAR WASTED!!

Yes, this episode marks Ninja Mountain's one year anniversary. On hand to chat (and to keep the conversation as free from actual educational content as possible) we have Andy Hepworth, Anne Stokes, Socar Myles, Jeremy McHugh, Drew Baker and Patrick McEvoy! It's a fun, slightly crazy, and gloriously unfocused look at the last year, the year to come, and a number of topics that are sure to be of interest to someone. Somewhere. Maybe.

Show Notes:
Find out more about the early history of Ninja Mountain on the Escape from Illustration Island podcast episode 8:


Anonymous said...

Do I always sound like a huge stoner, or is it just this episode?


Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Ninjas! Do ninjas celebrate birthdays? Probably stealthily, I would imagine.

Thomas James

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks Thomas! All right-thinking artists should listen to EFII every damn week. And we do celebrate birthdays, but no candles! We thrive on darkness...

And Socar -- Yes. Yes you do. There is no problem with that at all. :)


jorge f. muñoz said...

I'm still on Episode 35, but i'm catching up. My most sincere congratulations Ninja Mountain! one of my very favorite podcasts and a huge deal of inspiration for us illustrators.


Jeffrey Lai said...

yea! happybday ninjass
wow socar, can you really speak cantonese!
I thought it was a fun episode to listen to, you guys are hilarious!
(and Jeremy! yes you should join in the DA-ness! you didn't tell us your account at the end)

Nick Egberts said...

gefelici-flapstaart! as they here in the lowlands. *sniff* they grow up so fast...

Tommi said...

A year, and I have been listening since Andy advertised the first episode on Deviant Art... which means I have wasted exactly one year listening to this... so... well, more fool me obviously.
Thanks Ninja Mountain- I have loved every minute.
PS I am Socar's mystery 'guy' with a crush on Drew's art and yes I was a bring on your chiropractor hahahha

Ben said...

Wow, a whole year already, happy birthday guys and thanks again for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I've enjoyed your podcasts a lot, and may there be many more!

Florian Stitz said...

Happy first Birthday Ninjas!
I have first heard you on when Jon Schindehette linked to your Gencon Special.
A short while later I subscribed you on iTunes and been a faithful fan. At the moment I travel back in time to listen to your first episodes.
Thank you all for all the laughs and great tips and insight during these 50 Episodes. They helped me through a quite grey November last year. It's always great to hear that many in our trade experience very similar things with clients and fans. :)

A toast to the next 50 Episodes. Keep them coming!


Gordon Napier said...

Great show, keep look forward to another year of Ninja Mountaineering. It's been fun listening.

Anne, I might also be at Spring Fair in Birmingham, as my agents for cards have a stand there. I look forward to seeing your licenced stuff. (I fancy those Nemesis Now candlesticks).

By the way, all, how about making a collective Ninja Mountain DeviantART account? There's a newish function called 'Groups' which seems to be replacing clubs on there. (No need to resubmit things, and favs go to the original authors).

As it's a day for spreading the word on DA sites, mine is

Jeremy McHugh said...

My handle on Deviant Art literally shows an empty gallery. I've never posted anything there. :P

Of course those wishing to experience the void, need only look at :

Embrace the nothingness! Bwahahahaha!

I will indeed better acquaint myself with DA in short order though. Nothinh lonelier than an empty gallery....
We've our next show to record in the meantime!


Gordon Napier said...

Jeremy- the first minimalist fantasy artist on DA!

Ralph Horsley said...

Hi Ninja's,

Congrats on the 50th show. It seems an incredible achievement to have made it so far, and I'm just sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with you.



Anonymous said...

Dudes...speaking of being a total stoner, I was sitting here working just now, when I suddenly realised I could totally hear all your voices. So I was all "HOLY F-BOMB, did I leave Skype on, somehow?" I mean, I had been sitting here with my iPod on, singing along REALLY BADLY with all sorts of crap, and what-have-you, and I was all "AAAARGH, what if they're staying on that call just to LOL at me?"

Then, I realised iTunes had somehow come on, and started playing last week's episode.

Oh, and...whoever asked...saying I speak Cantonese would be like saying I play the piccolo: I know the basics, but it's NOT something you want to hear. (I'm working on my Cantonese. Gave up on the piccolo ages ago, though.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and sorry about my, erm...floppy presence, today. I'm so tired it's not even funny. (Any non-Ninjas who see this comment will see what I mean when the next episode goes up.)