Friday, January 22, 2010

Ninja Mountain Episode 49 - “I don’t think the Pirates have a Mountain.”

Like a red lazor blast to the forebrain the Ninja Mountaineers are back, once again attempting to scale the dizzy heights of the fabled Ninja Mountain by sitting around chatting!  This week we take your questions from Twitter and run off with them into the middle distance: Bounced checks? Setting up a business? Palettes? Websites for licensing? Self publishing sketchbooks?

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On this show: Anne, Jeremy, Jon and Socar

** Special note to the world, especially Canada! **
For some reason, iTunes did not add this episode everywhere worldwide. The one country we've found for sure that doesn't seem to be working is Canada. We're trying to fix this problem without knowing exactly what's going on. It may be something weird on Apple's end, or we may fix it at any point unexpectedly. Life is full of surprises!

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Jan said...

Awww, you guys sounded a bit tired this week. Are you taking breaks properly?!

And next week, episode 50, that will be epic indeed. Do you have it all planned out and stuff, or should we send annoying questions as usual?

(Also, Jon, you might be able to show some of the LOTR pictures this early before it's released?! O_O Publicly? Or just to other ninjas?)

Jon Hodgson said...

I felt on fire! :)

Yep, I reckon there's gonna be some LOTR art on show sooner rather than later. I just posted something to tease you Jan over on my FB fanpage. Look for the name of Ambrus and despair! :)

Jan said...

Pfff, show off! I bet the paintings are going to suck!

(Seriously, that's quite an awesome pile of books! I think I like the mix of themes in there. And yeah, I would totally steal those Ambrus books. I didn't know he's written any "How to.." books. @_@
:D I have the exact same LOTR edition, my mother bought it for me as a birthday present in highschool - it was supposed to help me with English. ;))

CGriffin said...

Another great podcast, Ninjas! Thanks for fielding my question and giving me a little moment in the sun by mentioning my name. :D I'm such a cheap date...

Gordon Napier said...

Coming up to the first birthday eh? (Which is also the big five-oh.) Time whizzes by. The talk about going by different names for different styles of work was timely as I was just finishing a comic for a certain website which doesn't go well with my usual style. It made up my mind to use a pseudonym for that.

Congrats to Jon on the LOTR job. By the way you mentioned selling stock photos. Any good places to sell them to recommend?

Jon Hodgson said...

Hey Gordon.
I can tell you the site I use - - but I chose it solely because I found some stock on there I wanted to buy, and so set up to sell there in order to get credit to buy what I wanted. Phew, that was long winded!

They've recently made some changes due to US tax laws - CYA stuff on their part, so I need to update my account I think.

Gordon Napier said...

Jon, thanks.

Anton said...

I'm not sure where we are supposed to post questions, but here is mine:
I've been trying to figure out where the best place to create a blog-like sketchbook is. I already have a sketchbook that no one follows, possibly because I don't post on the forums enough. Cghub seems like a growing community. DA is hard to navigate, but I have a very big gallery there. Or maybe I should just start a blog, and put a link on my website?
I would very much love it if you discussed this in the next episode. I love listening to you guys while doing studies, keep up the awesome work! Thank you!

Jan said...

@Anton: I think most ninjas have blogs. Jeremy does those daily warmups very persistently, Scott Purdy has the zombie blog, Jon has a blog with pictures, Patrick has a blog too, Ralph has a blog where he posts finished works and walkthroughs (just posted one yesterday), Drew has a blog, Andy has a blog, Eric Lofgren has a blog, Ann Stokes has a blog on her website, Kieran Yanner has a blog, Socar has a blog, but doesn't update much.

Did I forget someone?

I think CA has been mentioned and the experience was similar to yours (and mine too) - people just didn't reply and it seemed forgotten.

Maybe Facebook? You can upload smaller pictures to a gallery, people can follow you, or you can just link to a blog.

*stops being such a know-it-all and goes to school*

Andy said...

Hmmmm, i-tunes isn't loading number 49. I wonder why?

Chris Lane said...

This was my first episode of Ninja Mountain but already subscribed in iTunes. Speaking of names as you mention in the podcast, I know a high level Martial Artist named Randy Marvel. It always made me think of a superhero, I suppose the marvel comics connection, but still, what a cool name.
Cheers guys, keep up the great work. I like the podcast and your illustrations are amazing.

Tommi said...

Sorry chaps...but where is ep 49?
Not here anymore!

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks Chris! Great to have you on board!

Tommi - looks like when we tried to fix this week's international iTunes problem we introduced a misspelling into the path. Give it another try, should be better now.


Tommi said...

Alles gut!
Cheery pip!
A most enigmatic episode- I am wondering about some of those outtakes...
As an aside, I am wondering if you guys listen to music while you work and does it affect the mood of the painting/work you produce?

Erika "Thrivis" Harm said...

This cast had the whole discussion about alias names but it actually reminded me of something I was wondering that wasn't quite answered!

When Socar does work under her pseudonym, is her real name ever involved? For example, most methods of payment display or require the legal name.

I mainly wonder because there's a vein I would like to attempt under a pseudonym, but don't want my real name associated with it if I end up doing private commissions along those lines, not yet anyway.