Friday, September 18, 2009

Ninja Mountain 33 - Life and Other Disasters

Welcome to the much-anticipated 33rd episode of Ninja Mountain! This week Andy, Patrick, Jeremy and Socar talk about artistic distractions, disasters, and other fun stuff that may or may not make any sense at all. But they are on their best behavior as they invite a guest artist to join in the chat: Drew Baker!

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Show Notes:
Drew Baker


ATOM said...

God bless you fine people!:)

Mike Aspengren said...

More Drew!!

He's awesome.

Jan said...

:) I second that, Drew was funny.
Though not as funny as Patrick breathing into my right ear at the beginning! :D
Yay for Stereo 3D sound!

And Elfwood...I feel your pain, Socar. Even the process of submitting images is painful. I got a batch of my images refused and then one of them got picked as the moderator's choice. O_o

Anonymous said...

I should say, in the defence of Elfwood, they sorted out the problem pretty quickly. They'd mistaken something for fan art, which wasn't.

(I didn't think Patrick would leave that in--ha, ha! I thought we were finished, when I was laughing at Elfwood.)

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey all! Glad you liked the show, and yes, Drew was very fun!

Well socar, at least it did make for some good podcasting, didn't it?


Drew Baker said...

Thanks for letting me join in, I had fun too.

Socar: I also thought we'd wrapped up, which is why my comments about print sales were just thrown out there.

Now, an addendum: Patrick talked about Photoshop's multiple views, and if I hadn't been away I would have added you can use ctrl+tab (command+tab? Option+tab?) to switch between the windows which is much quicker than zooming, so you don't need a lot of monitor space for that to be helpful. I use it all the time.

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey Drew! Glad you had fun! Yeah, I threw in that part with print sales because we were running a little short, and it was a VERY interesting topic. :) Sometimes those little bits are a good short segment like that...

Good tip with the tabbing between views!

To expand on that for folks who haven't used the feature before... When I work in Photoshop I always love showing two views at once for these reasons:
- you can see both zoomed and small sizes without having to "blink" between them
- you can use the smaller one to orient yourself on the bigger one.
- most important: you can eyedropper colors from the small one for use on the big one without changing "focus", which can be incredibly convenient!


Gordon Napier said...

Another good episode.

The worst thing about the transition between traditional and digital art is getting oil paint all over your monitor.

Patrick said...

Ha, very true, Gordon!

Cacodaemonia said...

Yeah, Drew was awesome! I loved the Wizards story. It reminded me of a client I had recently who gave me a really open brief, and after I had submitted essentially finished work, said client decided that it wasn't quite what she wanted. I had to go through several rounds of revisions and emails to finally figure out *what* she wanted. D:<

I agree that a good way to help prevent some distractions and procrastination is to make a list, or a rough schedule. Another thing I find handy is simply to listen to podcasts about art, or even some of the tutorials I've downloaded from It's motivating, and really make me want to draw and paint awesome things!

Hey, have any of you guys checked out Bobby Chiu's Ustream broadcasts? He's been doing them pretty much every day the past week or two, and he sounds like he plans on continuing to do so as often as possible. For about an hour or two, he does live sketches and just rambles on in his funny way. At the same time, everyone watching is encouraged to sketch something from a specific topic, and then we all post our sketches to the Imaginism Studios blog. Yesterday Bobby had Stephen Silver on the show, and I think it would be awesome if Ninja Mountain and the ChiuStream were to team up! :)

Here's the link: