Friday, August 28, 2009

Ninja Mountain 31 Moar GenCon!

Welcome to the second part of our Gencon coverage, featuring an interview with art show organiser Diesel, and a report from the artshow awards themselves.

This show is shorter than normal due to the annual editors holiday. Once they have recaptured, suitably punished and humiliated, normal service will be resumed.

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Show notes to follow!


Cacodaemonia said...

Franz! I thought I recognized that voice! :)

Great interviews, once again, Jeremy. You really should post a photo of you in your striped vest.

Looking forward to the show notes!

Mike Aspengren said...

Great stuff Jeremy. It's hard to believe they almost did away with the Gen Con art show! Talk about your classic bureaucratic lack of vision.

The awards were especially fun.

I'd love to see some of Diesel's work. I couldn't make out his last name. Any links?

And I too would love to see the vest. :)

Jaybird said...

Thanks Jeremy!

Diesel's story about every TSR employee having to pitch in at the early Gen Con's coincides with a funny story Jim Holloway told me one time. Good stuff. It's always neat to hear about the history of our hobby/passion/field.

Ninja Mountain said...

Let's hear it for Jeremy's amazing recordings!!! Yay!!!

Next week: all new show, we hope... ;)


Jaybird said...

I have sighted the striped vest! Very dapper, Jeremy. I was envisioning something out of a barbershop quartet.

Jan said...

The art competition sounds so much fun. Pity we don't have any cons like that where I live. :(

CGriffin said...

Hearing the winners announced made me wanna be there SO badly! Great job; much fun!