Friday, August 07, 2009

Ninja Mountain Episode #28 - 1)talk 2)??? 3)PROFIT!!

OK, the episode is a tiny bit late, but after the earth is swallowed whole by giant space lampreys, who's really going to care?

What the horrible space eels WILL remember is that this episode features a great conversation between Ralph Horsley and special guest Steven Belledin, questions from listeners, and lots of conversation with Jon, Socar, Jeremy, Ralph and Patrick. And they will regret having swallowed our planet so callously and destroyed such entertaining artists, and perhaps... Just maybe... They'll think twice before doing it again to another beautiful blue planet somewhere else in the cosmos.

Though, frankly, we doubt it.

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Show notes:

Steven Belledin

Spyder pro calibration device


OnDrawnWings said...

Great 'cast. Ralph Horsley is a pretty dang good interviewer.

I missed having more banter at the beginning.

John Malcolm said...

Thanks for taking the time to discuss my question.... another entertaining podcast

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...

Ralph/Belledin interview was good.

I recently was forced to get a new monitor as my CRT of 7 years was ever-so-slowly going blurry and making me blind. I found that I had little choice to go with anything but the best LCD I could afford and now I feel like "what was I waiting for?" I get less eye strain because there is no refresh problem. There is also a slight speed increase as screen draw gets bumped up, etc. But, Jeremy, never calibrating your monitor is like sex without condoms! Yikes.

Anonymous said... without condoms!


Ninja Mountain said...

What I learned from today's episode has taught me the importance of calibration, so I will have to save for a color calibrater and get myself going soon. :)

I learn a great deal as a co-host of the show and discussions like these prove invaluable. I can see that I've been very lucky so far to have not experienced a problem, but I am not one to press my luck.
It's like gravity in a Looney Toons short. You never fall unless you look down...( ie. ignorance is bliss).
I've looked down so it is only a matter of time before I produce a dust plume at the bottom of the canyon...

As for the lack of condoms, all I can say is that I hate to let anything get between me and the full experience of digital painting. ;)

Ralph Horsley said...

Thanks for the couple of comments about my chat with Steve - I am pleased that I seemed to pull it off okay. Though it was greatly helped by his own ability to express himself interestingly and well. :)



Mark Winters said...

Great show guys! Keeps getting better and better. Keep 'em coming!

Purdy said...

Seriously great interview Ralph, I'm now aware of the world of Steve Belledin.. stupidly I wasn't before!

And Ninjas, I think you made Rowena's day by answering her questions :)


ATOM said...

Thank's Guys & Girls, great podcast yet again!And a big thank's for answering my query in regards to monitor adjustment.I went out and bought a 22 Inch flat widescreen monitor,now everything I scan looks one foot tall & two foot wide(LoL).

Ninja Mountain said...

Sounds pretty cool, Atom!


P.J. Magalhães said...

I agree that Ralph does an awesome interview, very good questions.

I have to say that it troubles me to hear about Mr Belledin cutting and throwing away his stuff. I would very much like to know if giving it away for practically a steal (or even free) would still give him the same feeling? I mean some of those old paintings of his may not be anywhere near what he considers his level these days, but all levels of artists could benefit from owning one of his paintings to study. i would love to ask him that, but i don't know him from anything, so i was wondering if you guys think it's worth enough bugging him with the question for me?

Thanks again.