Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ninja Mountain 30: GenCon 2009 Special

Hold on to your bandwidth, its a monster! Part one of our GenCon 2009 coverage is out, and its a biggie! Jeremy and his pin stripe vest deliver a stunning array of interviews with the biggest names in the gaming art world.

YOU the listeners gave us a digital recorder, and by golly we used it!

This special super extended episode features interviews with Omar Rayyan, Jon Schindehette, Wayne Reynolds, Steve Prescott, Randy Galagos, Chris Seaman and more!

And there's more to come over the following weeks!

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Copious enormo-show notes:

Omar Rayyan
Wayne Reynolds
Steve Prescott
Chris Seaman
Randy Gallegos
Jon Schindehette's blog
Chris Pritchard
Aaron Miller
Amy Ashbaugh
Arkady Roytman
Joe Slucher
Andy Hopp
Matt Stawicki
Tyler Walpole

The crew of WIP was there to enjoy the show as well.
The WIP Podcast!
Jeff Himmelman
Caroline Himmelman's "The Art Of Business" blog
Peter Morhbacher
Anna Mohrbacher

More GenCon footage is on the way, folks. We recorded 3.5 hours of interviews so be sure to listen up for future GenCon goodies!


Jeffrey Lai said...

that was a great listen
really interesting to hear from all these amazing artists!
Jeremy did a awesome job being interviewer.
I want to go to a con!

Nick Egberts said...

"Copious enormo-show notes"

dont you just love that word "copious". One rarely has the opportunity to use it properly.

looking foward to a listen. Have to clean out my studio first (with a shovel and paint remover), because its been a busy few weeks, and because my "studio" is also the living room, and my wife will fill├ęt me if i didn't...

cheers y'all and thanks ninjas,


Mike Aspengren said...

Jeremy, these interviews are fantastic. They really give a feel for what Gen Con is like for artists. Thanks for doing them. It must have put a dent in your Gen Con free time. If there is such a thing. Way to take one for the team.

Looking forward to part two!

Joe Slucher said...

Boy do I sound nasally. Less redneck than I expected though.p.s.I've posted a gencon experience analysis on my blog.

Jan said...

Mighty episode! (and long. ^__^)
Good job, Jeremy!

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks, guys!
I had a great time at GenCon. I didn't get to interview everyone I wanted to, but I got a fair few and I suspect I'll have another chance next year.
There is still more footage to release. I recorded a good 3.5 hours total while at the con.
That should be on the way soon as Jon and Patrick work their audio magic.
My next convention will be Illuxcon in November!
Check it out! Some awesome artists will be in attendance there this year. :)

HydeSite_Is_2020 said...
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HydeSite_Is_2020 said...


Could than Patrick? You were like a pro interviewer, hellbent on doing a good job (and you did a great job).

The only thing that would have been cool might be to hear from an artist who maybe did not have a good day-ya know, check in with some random guy or girl dragging around a dirty sketchbbok with crayon drawings falling out - I saw that at a con once!

It would be an exercise in what not to do.

If there is any competition between the ninjas, only the listeners win. Thnx.

Char Reed said...

It took me two weeks, but I've finally caught up with all 30 episodes! They're definitely worth a relisten though. I'm anxiously waiting to hear this week's episode. You guys are awesome! Never stop!

Michael Jaecks said...

Hello Ninjas! Well done all. Jeremy did a fine job interviewing artists from across the Awesome Spectrum and Jon and Patrick did a lovely job producing the show. I loved the "Patrick is sexy" joke. It's like a secret handshake for would-be Ninjas everywhere. And that Andy Hopp is a hoot!

Well done gents!

Cacodaemonia said...

Thanks for all the hard work Jeremy! The interviews were really great to listen to, and put a few voices to names for me. :)

MuYoung Kim said...

Now THAT was Gencon'ing like a boss! The fact that you'll be attending Illuxcon as well only adds to the total envy factor :) If possible, it would be great to also have similar coverage for Illuxcon as I've heard nothing but great things about it, but being so new, its internal magics are still (relatively) unknown.

Jaybird said...

Yeah, Andy Hopp is one crazy mofo. I'm really looking forward to Con on the Cob.

Great work, Jeremy!

Aaron Miller said...

It was a pleasure meeting you in person! And double thanks for the interview. You guys make the work go so much faster. I hope to see all of you guys at some point in the future.