Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Episode 74---Painting the Prose and Cons...

In this week's episode, Socar, Drew, and Jeremy take a few listener questions from Eve Archambault, Tom Hermann, and Shaun Patterson.
As you can probably guess---the conversation just devolves from there....

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Next week Drew and Jeremy are off for GenCon!
Road trip!!
The shiny red recorder will be going with the gang for another GenCon Special.
Stay tuned!


Shaun Patterson said...

1. Its Halifax, Canada

2. No relation to vampires, my Irish/Maltese skin runs more of the slightly oily then shiny and diamond like.

Thanks for answering my question, that plus your general "getting ready for the Con" talk is going to be a big help for me. I am really just branching out from the 9-5 game art world so I just trying to put out some low cost offerings and meet people, network and get my name out there. I was planning on having some Fantasy and more comic offerings available but that again runs into the generalist trap. Thanks again, I always look forward to listening to your podcast while toiling away at work on the next big Facebook or iPhone game.


Joe Slucher said...

If you self-publish be prepared to do your own advertising and hit all of the trade shows and local book stores.
Some companies have a minimum page count of 32 which can be a problem for a children's book. I found a company with a 24pg min and they cost me like $250 to set up with. That was the cheapest I could find.

Most of the advertising packages these sites offer are garbage.

Mike Sass said...

Great installment, guys. I'm really interested in pricing and convention tactics. It can cost so much for us Canadians to travel, so having best practices worked out beforehand is essential to at least break even at a US convention. I made a recent blog post that echos much of what was said, and some may find interesting:

Tommi said...

Dear Joe: thanks for the advice- we're already thinking of book shops, schools and libraries, but I hadn't thought of trade shows! Yeah I'm aware of printing 32 pages so that's ok.

Dear Socar: thanks for nothing you knock-kneed Scottish pillock! May God curse you and all your kind, your skin turn an orange hue and your head fall off at an inconvenient moment! Ok you can go back to your game now.

Jeremy: Drew's point about keeping [larger] sold artwork till the end of the show is ESSENTIAL. It's the red dot phenomenon: once people see a sold sign [especially on a big piece] they suddenly feel like your work IS worth purchasing and they realise it is becoming rarer, thus precipitating their purchasing decision. I haven't done any conventions, but I have had a few exhibitions and getting that first red dot makes all the difference.

Jan said...

Poor Shaun!! The actor's name is Robert Pattinson, not Patterson.

Goodness, you don't know your Twilight, Socar! One would think that a pale young artist lady like yourself would know better than that. Ts ts ts.

Christopher Burdett said...

Jeremy, don't raise your rates on your work till I buy something! See you at Gen Con.

Ninja Mountain said...

And with Chris' heartfelt plea...Jeremy raises his prices by 50% for anyone whose last name starts with "B"...

My evil knows no bounds!

I'm glad you guys found that discussion helpful.
I always learn a good bit during every show.
I like the red dot analogy.
It is kind of like tossing a few bucks in the guitar case when playing in the subway...Give things a little push. :)

Here's hoping for some cost-offsetting sales for all us exhibitors!
(Raises tankard of the tavern's cheapest mead---the one with the dead bees in it).

Eve Bolt said...

Thank you very much for answering my question in more details, you've all been very helpful!