Friday, July 23, 2010

Episode 73---Questions, back-ups, and crits...oh my!

Thanks for sticking with us, folks. Jeremy's computer crash forced a postponement of last week's episode, but now we are back in the fight with a new installment.

In this week's episode, Socar and Jeremy field questions from listener, Shane Smith ( or as Socar has re-named him, Horace Shabooballah...). Sorry, Shane. The two then go on to share their various computer woes and wrap it up with a critique for Preston Stone's ( aka Razwit) and his preparatory drawing for the Art Order " Gotta Have a Hook" Challenge.

We hope you enjoy!

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Preston's most excellent drawing for your consideration:

Art Order's "Gotta Have a Hook" Challenge

Open Gaming Convention!
Preston Stone ( aka Razwit)
Shane Smith
The Visual Artist Podcast Network


Razwit (Preston Stone) said...

Thank you soooooo much for the crit Jeremy and Socar, very helpful advice. I got a lot of good critique on art order as well, but they were a bit too nice to me I think.
I really appreciate the critique. I wish I could say it was actually in a really rough stage, but to be honest I was ready to add color and be done. Given the way you both reacted, I'm going to totally rework the drawing. Your advice is definitely going to make this okay drawing a great painting.

I can't thank you guys enough.

Shaun Patterson said...

Really good show this week. I like the whole idea of how to present yourself working in multiple styles, something thats totally relatable for someone like myself. Working as a production artist in the video games industry I am really called apon to work in a variety of styles so now that I am trying to branch out, its a really journey to find which lane or lanes I want to travel. I will throw out a question to y`all. In October I will be doing my first con (Hal-Con in Halifax)and am very excited about it. What advice or tips would you and your brood have for a first timer like myself.

Razwit (Preston Stone) said...
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Razwit (Preston Stone) said...

Thanks again Jeremy and Socar! Here's the finished piece:

Razwit (Preston Stone) said...
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Felipe Gaona said...

It's not uncommon for Macs to have problems with their hard drives, this makes like the fifth Mac I've heard of that fails after a couple of years.

Patrick said...

I've never seen them fail more often than any other computer's hard drives. The last HD failure I had on a Mac was on an 8-year-old drive. Keep in mind that the disk hardware is exactly the same as on a PC.

You do hear about more HD failures on Macs eventually I think because the computers themselves last so long.

Felipe Gaona said...

Yeah I know the hardware for Macs these days are the same as PCs, so maybe the people I know just had bad luck (or maybe they don't take good care of their computers).