Thursday, February 11, 2010

Episode 52-Ohh those peevish Ninjas! Plus a visit from Steve Argyle!

In this episode guest artist Steve Argyle joins Socar Myles, Eric Lofgren, and Jeremy McHugh as  the Ninjas discuss pet peeves and embark on other numerous wanderings along the circuitous paths of the mountain.
Many thanks to our donor as Jeremy test-drives the new microphone headset. 
Rest assured that the weirdness of his voice is not a technical foible, but the remains of our co-host's recent battle with a cold and cough. Poor Jeremy-to be struck down by plague at such a tender age...

We would also like to announce the launch of The Visual Artist Podcast Network
VAPN will feature the latest episodes of Ninja Mountain, SideBar, Chris Oatley's Artcast, Escape From Illustration Island, WIP, and The Process Diary.
Many thanks to Thomas James of Escape From Illustration Island for putting together this awesome resource!

Two things we would like to get your thoughts and questions about this week:
1) What are your artistic pet peeves? Perhaps they are things that you have striven to improve in your own work that always jumps out at you when looking at the work of others.

2) Do you have a question about copyright that next week's special guest, Linda Kattwinkel (Intellectual Property and Arts Attorney at Owen, Wickersham & Erickson, can answer for your fellow listeners? Post them in the comments section for this episode!

Other links to check out:
Breaking Into Freelance Illustration by Holly DeWolf--the most excellent book that Jeremy forgot to actually review...;)
Jeremy writes, "It is a very interesting book and talks a bit more about the use of new media and networking to promote your work. It is filled with useful tips, enjoyable quotes, and anecdotes from working illustrators. 
A worthy read for the up-and-coming artist."


Steve Argyle said...


When, one day, I'm cool enough to have an art book, I want Socar to do my intro. ;)

I'd completely forgotten that I even had and Epilogue gallery. Maybe I should wander over and update that...

Loved being on the show. Thanks for the opportunity!

Florian Stitz said...

Really funny show again, Ninjas!
As a german it was quite a laugh to hear how difficult some of our words are for non-germans. Sorry Eric, mean no offense there. But now I know how some english-speakers feel when I didn't get words right. :D
Cool to hear that we work on many similar projects.
And if you need help with something german tell me.
Jeremy if that answers your question about the Euro, one Euro is about 2 D-Mark but I'm not sure about the D-Mark being the main-currency for the Euro...don't think so. (That sentence sounds weird somehow) :D

Looking forward to the next episode though I don't have question for it right now. But I would take an iPhone too. :)

Gordon Napier said...

Might check out the VIking Age book. I'm something of a medieval historian myself when I'm not being something of an artist.

Jeremy McHugh said...

Thanks for the clarification, Florian.
I am now confused as to where I heard that seemingly incorrect factoid. Hrmmm....
It turns out that Germany was the earliest adopter of the Euro where its national currency ceased to be legal tender. Yay for the internet! I get to appear knowledgeable while disseminating false notions! ;)

Hey Steve,
Again-Thanks for joining in our discussion at the last minute. You are a hero whose cape shall never fray. Very cool of you to swoop in at our call. :)

If anyone has questions about copyright for next week, please do drop them here or you can email me directly at,
if you fear your question is embarrassing.
Questions like:

-- Can copyright infringement give you a rash in unmentionable places?

--Can copyright visit you as you sleep, perch on your chest, and suck out your soul?

-- Was "Copyright" a popular Scandinavian Punk band in the 80's?

It would be most understandable, if people refrained from publicly posting questions of that sort...;)

Gordon Napier said...

On the subject of factoids, I believe it was supposedly Queen Victoria rather than Elizabeth who wasn't amused, although no one seems to know exactly what it was that failed to amuse her. Anyway...

I have a question related to copyright. Sometimes artists and designers are asked to send samples, sketches, suggested ideas (eg in product design), or test pages (eg for comics) to potential clients. it occurs to me that sometimes the company might not decide to use the artist, but might hang on to their submissions and later exploit their ideas. Does the artist have any protection in such circumstances? What can one do if one sees that a company has published a design similar to something one submitted previously as a sample or test?

Jan said...

Goodness, Jeremy has a bad memory, Socar DID tell the Guns 'n Roses CD story on a previous episode! :P

(almost word by word, she even said she was going to listen to the CD, that she used to listen to GNR - "Paradise City and what have you..")

It's interesting that you guys DON'T want sample books you worked on. :( I DO! And I almost never get them. :/
I got two I think. (real printed books I mean, I got some pdfs too)
I don't have much to show off to my grandmothers and such.

Socar's father's book sounds interesting! But it's confusing, Amazon has it for 40 USD and I found it on some other e-shop for 99 USD! O_o

Jeremy, York was indeed called Jorvik, that's a norse bastardized version of Eoforwic - an old English version of Eborakon. (something about "yew" in Celtic)

(any objections to this should be forwarded to Harry Harrison, my useless knowledge of these matters comes from his trilogy of books called The Cross and the Hammer. ;))

Shaving Ryan's Private?!! A very amusing episode this week. You should get Eric on more often. ;)

Jeremy McHugh said...

The memory is the first thing that goes, Jan.
I blame it on my advanced age of 34.

Pretty soon I'll be quoting movie dialogue that the young crowd simply does not recognize and lamenting the good ol' days gone by.

Ack! You're right Gordon. I had a 50/50 shot of guessing it right and luck was not on my side. Indeed it was good ol' Queen Victoria. Hrmmm... how not amusing. :)

Btw, a good question for next week's guest, Gordon. I'll keep that one in mind!


Jeremy McHugh said...

Last chance for questions related to copyright for today's podcast guest! Post'em here!

Tommi said...

Somebody asked me the other day about copyright and using photo reference: I said if you own the photo that's fine, but if you start copying someone else's without credit or payment you'll get sued. I think the limit of 'borrowing' intellectual property is about 5% or less on any given piece. Particularly if you're tracing or directly copying.Is this right?

Jeremy McHugh said...

Thanks for your questions, gang.
We manage to discuss a fair bit in the hour we had Linda with us. She was very generous with her time and I will be editing the show today. :)

cheesecake-weasel said...

hey so i'm probably completely late to the party but in response to socars banana creature design, we totally beat you to it :

ps. if you want to see really unique creature design, check out fungis stuff, he's a bit good

Holly DeWolf said...

Thanks for the mention of my book (Breaking Into Freelance Illustration). I really enjoy your podcasts. I have been listening to them while I work. Cheers! ~ Holly DeWolf