Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things involving Patrick

Hi! Patrick here, posting about me...

First, if you're going to be at San Francisco's incredible WonderCon this weekend (Feb. 27 - Mar.1,) you might want to see my Digital Painting Seminar. I'll take an hour to give an overview of my digital painting techniques and chat just a bit with the audience.

The seminar is on Friday night (2/27) in room 204/206. I'll be working on a PC laptop instead of my usual Mac, so come and laugh at me as I fumble over the control keys!

Read more about it here - Scroll down the page to 6:00 PM to find me. See you there.

Also, I've been blogging about my favorite art technique books over on my Megaflow Graphics blog. If you're interested in that sort of thing click here to take a look!

Thanks, and I now return you to your regular Ninja blog, already in progress.

Well! Other than the predictable problems trying to get the shortcut keys to work on a PC (I'm a Mac guy, so doing the translation on the fly had a few glitches!) it went VERY well. I have to thank the wonderful - and surprisingly LARGE - audience for their attentiveness, questions, applause, and laughing in all the right places. :) I think I will have to do this again some time. Maybe they'll want me to repeat this at San Diego? We'll see. Thanks to everyone there for making it a great seminar!

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