Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #4 - The Dreaded Dealines!

The Ninjas bring you an episode fraught with danger and intrigue! Can Jon finish his assignment in time? Can we segue topics without laughing about it? Can so many topics fit in one podcast? Find out this week in the Ninja Mountain Scrolls, episode 4 - this time it's personal!

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This week, we start off with a discussion about deadlines - why are they important, how do you make them, and how does one juggle multiple jobs at once? We share our ideas on getting effective work done that's both good and on time. Then we start what promises to be a few segments on a big topic: Conventions! Love them or hate them, most artists in our line of work have to go to at least a couple a year. We get the ball rolling this time by talking about a number of different con-related issues, and even a couple of fun stories. As we roll in to the convention season, we'll have more on this in the future, for sure!

Show Notes:

Manga Studio
The Fantasy Art Techniques Of Tim Hildebrandt

Here's a Yahoo group of artists who attend fantasy/SF art shows and other art events:


Nicole Cardiff said...

Heh, most projects seem to be running behind *before* they get to the artists...

I do enjoy the sense of connectedness and all the industry chatting I get to do at cons (rarely do I find kindred spirit artists in RL!) and have gotten some great long-term Internet art friends out of them. I've never tried the booth thing; maybe one day.

I never have understood why the SDCC reviews aren't organized like the GenCon ones. Seems like the set time method makes it easier for people on both sides of the table.

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey Nicole - good point! We never mentioned the "already behind" projects. Or when you take a project for a certain deadline and AFTER you start the deadline gets moved ahead substantially. That sucks.

You should get a table at a con some time - it's a lot of hard work, but very fun to directly connect with the "public".

puggdogg said...

This series is great. It's not often that I subscribe to podcasts. I'm slowly creeping into the comic book industry.

This is my first comic book cover.

More of my artwork can be seen at

Thanks so much for offering such great info for free. To spread the word I've advertised your podcast at the Chronicle Chamber.

- Mick Collins

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks for the comments Mick. Looks like you're on your way! And thanks for the great pimpin', too.

HigherDepths said...

Could you guys have a more in depth discussion about agents, if any of you use, or have used them?

Erika "Thrivis" Harm said...

Yay, just caught up with all the episodes. Great stuff guys! I think the second show was my favorite so far.

Next time I'm at a con you folks are at I'll say hi. :P I went to SDCC last year. Totally under prepared and bewildered, pretty much missed out on folio reviews because I didn't know how it was going to be set up.

I think Higherdepth's question would be a cool topic. Experience with agents or why you goes do or don't use them. :o

ATOM said...

Great fun! Amusing, and informative! You guy's should charge for this! The Fantasy art community really appreciates your sterling efforts! Looking forward to part five!I have noticed that you guys are being quoted now quite a bit,"Jon Hodkinson said on the Ninja Mountain podcast that you should get business cards made up" guys are setting an industry standard...

Ninja Mountain said...

Wow, leave for a day and there's THREE comments backed up. This is great!

Thanks for all the great response everyone. Jon is going to be out for a few weeks and he's our resident expert on agents - we should wait until he's back to ask him about that. (But we've got some surprise additions on the hook to step in, so never fear, things will keep hopping).

Atom, I'm not sure if we're THAT influential yet... are we? ;) But it's good to know we've got people talking. Thanks!


ATOM said...

Thanks Patrick,

And sorry for calling Jon Hodgson,
Jon Hodkinson by mistake! Don't want to traumatise the poor lad!

Are we rolling tonight for episord five!

Ninja Mountain said...

I'm sure Jon will survive. He's been called worse!

I've got to get some work out today, so the show will be a little later than last week, but it s/b out this evening! Woot!

jim pinto said...

On "trust" with an AD…

Having worked with nearly 300 illustrators and commissioned too many pieces to count, an AD sometimes has to weigh how credible an illustrators personal issues are... some people have really abused the privilege.

I'm not sure what kind of AD I would have been with only one game line, but managing 4 to 12 at a time, made me very sympathetic to people who were overworked or who needed more time (in general). Hodgson never asked for more, if I recall, but he'd be the only one.


Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks for the comment, Jim. It's always great to hear from the AD's side on these things.