Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #2 - Getting Freelance Work

Bigger and bolder than strictly necessary - it's Ninja Mountain's second podcast! Ever!!

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This week, Andy Hepworth joins Jon, Jer, and Patrick, as the ninjas discuss portfolios, getting work, convention networking, and even a bit of art talk as they debate the merits of ArtRage, the digital painting program.

Thanks for all the comments, both here and on the various art forums we've been linking from. We really appreciate hearing from you and love getting ideas for future shows. Keep those posts coming, kids!

Show Notes
Snygg's CA thread in which he disgusts us with his powers:
Torstein Nordstrand, incredible artist, artrage skeptic!
Hope Street Studios, Glasgow
Irene Gallo's blog

Art and networking sites we mentioned in this episode:

Web design:

Here's Glasgow!

The wonderblog of Jon Hodgson, friend him and inflate his giant head even further:

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Opening and Ninja Mountain stings by Jon
Short Music Interlude by SlingshotVenus (find them on iTunes - this excerpt was from the song "Eunuchorn")
Closing music, "Born on a Mountain in the Summertime" by Jon and Matt



Torstein Nordstrand said...

As enjoyable as the first one, guys. Hope I can join later when our new house is in order.

And I do recommend ArtRage too. If you don't want to get things done and you don't care what your stuff looks like. Artsy Fartsy stuff. ;)

Honestly can't wait to read Mattias' article on it. I've only tried it twice and need help!

Pistoli said...

Round 2 was awesome! Wondering if you guys could discuss the variety of potential jobs that have a need for an illustrator other than gaming or comics. And if anyone has done work outside those fields. Again great show.

Ninja Mountain said...

Thank you, Gentlemen. Great idea, Pistoli. I think we've all done illustration work outside of the fields you mentioned. That would be a good thing to discuss.

Ben said...

Awesome podcast guys! I can't wait for the next one already!
I second Postoli's suggestion for info on the variety of jobs illustration can be used in, would be interesting to hear about your experiences there.

Keep up the great work!

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks a lot Ben!

Kat said...

Another great show guys. When giving out business cards, do you suggest putting at least one art piece on the business card or leaving them more simple?


Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks Kat! I think a picture to remind the client is a good idea. I knew one artist who was a good cartoonist, and he had a blank square on his card where he'd draw a little picture whenever he gave the card out. Clever!

My cards have pictures that I like, cropped to be dramatic and readable at a small size:
Card 1 link
Card 2 link

jakebilbao said...

what, no

Ninja Mountain said...

Yeah, I don't think any of us ever hang out there, but that's a good one too! Thanks for mentioning it. Absolutely a great place for people to network who are focused on comics.

Anonymous said...

Like it! What do I like you ask? I like the natural voice of the contributors and the relevance of the topics. Keep up the goodness!

Ninja Mountain said...

Fantastic! We're certainly nothing if not natural... :) Glad to have you on board.