Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Episode 105 -Bigger than Life (repost)

Hello, faithful listener. It's been a while, but we have an ENORMOUS episode to make up for the delay. First, Jeremy, Patrick, Drew, Socar and possibly Eric discuss a listener question from Jeremy Rathbone, and engage in some of the witty banter you've come to expect from much, much less entertaining people.

Then, because we know what you crave in the dark recesses of your soul, there's another feature-length segment featuring a GenCon wrap-up! Ralph Horsley and guests Paul "Prof" Herbert and Chris Burdett join Drew and Jeremy for a wide-ranging con-related discussion. If you like this sort of thing, then rest assured, it's the sort of thing you'll like.


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(PS - for some reason we can't even begin to understand, some people got episode 015 instead of 105 originally here. Failing to figure that out, we've just reposted the whole thing. We almost feel like apologizing for the inconvenience. )


Jeremy Rathbone said...

I don't know what to say, except "thank you"

Anonymous said...

We gave you a silly answer, didn't we? Somehow, I forgot what the question was, and how we responded, but I have a distinct recollection of silliness.

Unknown said...

Oh, I think we gave a pretty good answer... eventually! :) Glad you enjoyed it, Jeremy!


Alonso said...

for those who are remote, a poor substitute, but better then nothing. Online timed figure drawing stuff.

for the self teaching, fantastic collection of free tutorials by Feng Zhu

Shaun Patterson said...

I loved this weeks "MEGA SHOW" format, chock full of useful info and humorous interactions. I really like the Con, postmortems that you always do, very good stuff for someone like myself that wants to do Cons when I am at that level myself.

I am really happy to say that I broken the seal so to speak and have done some freelance work for some small companies in the fantasy genre recently and I have you guys and your podcast to thank for helping me get to this point. A year and a half ago I knew nothing about the world of the freelance artist except that it was always something that I wanted to pursue.

I am still quite happy working my day job as an artist at a video games studio but am now emboldened to keep pushing my illustration and trying to build more of a freelance career on the side.

So cheers Ninja Dudes! (and Dudette)

Unknown said...

GREAT LINKS, Alonso! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Shaun. It's always great to know we've been helpful!

Jeremy Rathbone said...

Thanks so much Alonso! that's awesome.

Jeremy Rathbone said...

Oh, By the way I bought some of those lovely Massive Black videos. Thanks for the tip on that.

Drew Baker said...

Jeremy, I hope you'll let us know which you got and if you recommend them. I don't remember if I mentioned it by name in the show, but I think Donato's "The Mechanic" video is fantastic. I picked up a few new ones during the sale, but haven't gotten a chance to watch them yet.

Jeremy Rathbone said...

Certainly! I picked up "the Mechanic", Composition with Jason Manley, and Digital figure painting with James Kei

Chantal Fournier said...

Holy Ninja double feature Batman. That was cool. I like the after con sum up better than the in con interviews because sometimes the sound is very crappy at those, and english being my second language, it becomes painful to try and understand.

Regarding resources to learn on one's own, I find that Dover makes super cheap and useful books, you can buy Harold Speed's the Science and practice of Drawing, Perspective made easy and the whole Bridgeman corpus for around 50$ And you can throw some ref books and art books, and it's still cheaper than a single class in art school. With that and both James Gurney's books, one is set to study for years!

I have a whole bunch of CA.org videos (Dan Dos Santos' Greg Manchess', Donato's, many Jason Chan, Carl Dobsky's perspectives, Shawn Barber's, Andrew Jone's Dragonforce, and some others.) I have yet to download one that was a complete waste, but those I listed are my favorites. I know it's a lot of favorites. At some point I think I want to get the videos Iain McCaig made, I think for Gnomon. Because Iain McCaig rocks.

Anonymous said...

Nice show guys, I always love the Con episodes and all the excitement and news.

Did the book titles Drew was talking about get posted anywhere - the japanese figure reference books?

Drew Baker said...

Alexander, it looks like we missed that. Here are some links:



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Drew, you're a star!

Max Antonov said...

Hello Ninjas.

Sorry for bothering you again.
Fairly often there is a situation when one person color lineart of another artist, especially in comic art industry.
So i want to ask you about this type of collaboration and team work at all. Who gain the copyrights on final piece?
Does the creator of lineart has any obligation to mention others co-creators? Is it ok in term of reputation to work as assistant when you, for example, haven't any
current commissions, but still have to pay your bills.

With all best wishes, Max Antonov.

P.S.: Since i just start working i have only two of my pictures on my cghub page, but if you have any time and wishes to take a glance on them and give me some advices or critique it would mean a lot to me.

Unknown said...

Hey Everybody,

This episode was pretty great. I enjoy hearing your responses to listener questions. As Patrick said, it was a good answer... eventually!

Keep up the great work Ninjas!

Some more resources that haven't been touched on in response to Jeremy's question are:

1.The Famous Artists Course
You can google it up, and there might be some pdf's posted online. But I've seen all four of these binders and each one is solid gold. These and a healthy dose of self-motivation will take you quite a way in developing as an artist and illustrator.
( Amazon Famous Artists Course)

2. Lean into Art, is a new online resource that is offering some classes and practical advice for comic creators. It's put out by Jerzy Drozd of the Art and Story podcast (ooh, is that like bad to mention another podcast here?!)
Check it out to see if it's your cup of tea:

3. To dove tail with Drew's recommendations of the Massive Black video (I'm looking to get the composition one,) certainly ConceptArt.org has the TAD program, as well as the Illustration Academy, and other offerings.

It seems to me that one more thing that helps is digging into your library. Sometimes library's are actually connected to a wider network, and you can request books that your local library might not have. One of my favorite pass times is to bounce between all the suggestions that Amazon has to offer and then seeing if I can get them for free through the library. I'd say just create a constant flow of artists books, you'll be amazed at what you can glean from here and there.

Ok, that's more than my two cents. Thanks again for all the awesome content Ninja's!

Jeremy Rathbone said...

thanks Brian! I will certainly have to look into those.

Anonymous said...

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