Thursday, May 05, 2011

Episode 98. Interview with Tristan Elwell.

In today's episode Drew, Socar, Kieran, and Jeremy sit down to an interview with artist, Tristan Elwell, to discuss his work as a realist painter and illustrator.
Not to be missed! ( soon to come to life--currently it re-directs to Tristan's profile page at Shannon Associates)
Tristan's upcoming 10 week course at the School of Visual Arts in NYC!


Tristan Elwell said...

It's RICHARD Schmid!I can't believe I called him Harold on the podcast. I must have still been thinking about Harold Speed, and/or Harold Von Schmidt.
Mea culpa, Mr. Schmid!

Tristan Elwell said...

And my site is up and running,just in time.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard said...
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Jan said...

What a cool episode!
Of course it was funny and ninja-mountainy as always, but the interview was also really interesting.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard said...

This was a really good episode! I enjoyed the interview a lot, it was really interesting.

I came across this interesting gallery artist the other day ( which made me think of the seemingly prominent difference in styles between illustrators and gallery artists and I was wondering if any of you had any thoughts on that?

What made you strive for illustration rather than galleries (provided that you even do) and do you think there is more freedom to one or the other, when it comes to developing your personal style?

frostfyre said...

Any Ninjas heading to SIGGRAPH in Vancouver this year?

David Michael Wright said...

Great episode! Really enjoyed it. Got me thinking… It’s really easy to get swamped with all the detail and technical considerations sometimes and miss the big picture. I always love it when people nail things down in really simple clear ways – It’s almost like sometimes you know a thing to be right but can’t quite clarify it properly in your own mind. When Tristan spoke about Illustration being essentially a form of communication, and that it follows that if you don’t know from the outset what you want to SAY you will naturally struggle to say it, and that the opposite – If you do, the progressive logical decision steps are quite obvious most of the time. This really struck a cord with me. It’s like…YES! This form is ALL about – COMMUNICATION, a visual form of communication – and trying to communicate ideas pictorially. That is the principle goal in a nutshell, any technical process or stylistic concerns can be measured by how successful they are at doing this – Just having a fancy typeface doesn't make a book any good, its core content and how well it is organised presented and ultimately ‘communicated’ does.

I guess this is all pretty obvious stuff, but it’s got me psyched anyhow, another little crumb, nugget, piece to pop into the grand puzzle. I’ve sure typed, printed, and taped this bold statement to the top of my drawing board so I don’t forget it.
My aim with portfolio stuff is now going to be not so much – How can I make this image's theme look really cool, but more what would be a cool and engaging thing to try and communicate visually to the viewer, and are my more technical aspirations/considerations/endeavours really going to work practically in terms of communicating those ideas clearly and effectively.

Great show as always! All the best,

David :)

Laura G. Young said...

Excellent interview! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us.