Friday, May 28, 2010

Ninja Mountain Episode 67 - Technowizards

Like a booming 303 bassline from some acid-fuelled 90s dance music nightmare, our flashlight-bespectacled technonerds don their boiler suits and take to the stage behind their enormous racks of dubious looking gadgetry to bring you: Ninja Mountain Podcast Episode 67.

67 dude! (yeah I know it's not 69. It's a joke.)

In this, Jon's final show as part of the NM Podsquad, the ninjaneers discuss the impact technology has had on their businesses: Networking, squirting things down a wire, distraction, buying sable brushes through the infrawebz and a whole host of unsavoury topics which quite rightly hit the cutting room floor.

Turn on, tune in, become mildly disappointed and tinged with a general unplaceable feeling of ennui. Ninja Mountain 67. Simply the best.

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Show notes to follow!


Joe Slucher said...

Sucks to see Jon go. I'm sure everybody will miss him. When I read the description of the podcast I figured it was a joke that he was leaving.

CGriffin said...

Yep, we'll miss you, Jon! But I hope the lack of time means increasing artistic success...

Razwit (Preston Stone) said...


jokes aside, Jon, you're amazing. I can't imagine all the work you must have put into editing out all the things the ninja's must have said that were too hot/crazy/intelligible to air. well done!

Razwit (Preston Stone) said...

haha, well I meant to say unintelligible in my last message, but it's kind of funny the way it ended up.

Jon Hodgson said...

Thanks folks. I will miss you all too. Despite the fact I'll still be reading the comments here. So like, not at all. :)

Seriously though it's been a blast, I've had a great time woking on the show. I pretty much feel like I've done all I can do with the format, and would like to use the not-insubstantial amount of time, effort and headspace that NM takes up for something different - largely my work! A change is as good as a rest or so I'm told. :)

Ta Ta for now.

Gordon Napier said...

I'll miss Jon's wit and enthusiasm, but look forward to seeing more of his art in the future. Thanks to all for more words of wisdom, and for the effort that goes into these podcasts.

Unknown said...

Jon is one of the best guys I've ever had a chance to work with on anything. So so you all know - he isn't just a pretty voice! :) Thanks for everything, Mr. H.