Friday, May 21, 2010

Episode 66-Episode of the Beast...

This week two squads break ranks to pursue their devilish designs.
In the wilds of the untamed European continent Socar, Andy, Jon, and Ralph talk style and artistic improvement on the job.
Socar then teleports to North America to join the U.S. Squad in varied discussion including chat about professional life outside of rpg's.

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Jeremy makes good on his threat to share some of his early work...
Wanna see an example of the horrors that escaped Jeremy's early drawing board???

Fear not...He got better...

Perhaps you listeners out there are willing to bring forth the skeletons in your studio closet??
Show us your worst and your best! Wipe fear from your breast and join in the ghoulish fun. :)

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Razwit (Preston Stone) said...

you really want to see my worst work huh? well, this one, among others, makes me want to vomit. So, it should give you guys bit of a queasy feeling.
On top of the anatomy being terrible, I had no clue how to use gimp...or any art software really, so I got a massive white outline around the character, and hideous highlights.
That was personal work though, it was a while until I was actually paid to do terrible work...

$25 bucks for this one and repeat work too!!! I was hired by a clan in the game Socom 3, to do this and a few others based off of transformers and sesame street characters. I won't lie, I've definitely done worse after this point in my artistic career (not much of a career yet. But anyway...), but this is the first time I was paid to do any work.

the first big project I got...okay, actually I'm not going to talk about this one because I'm really ashamed of it, and the person who hired me could be reading this. Just know that I tried my best...after not drawing at all for about 3 months.

So instead here's an example of traditional work I used to do.

Well, that's enough bad work...from the past. not you get to see my much better but still noticeably flawed present work!
Digital line art:

Patrick said...

OK, Preston has started the ball rolling. Here's what I was doing when I was young...

The first two were printed in small-press horror/sci-fi mags and the third one was printed in a Clive Barker fanzine. I apologize to everyone for the pain inflicted on your eyes!

I hope I got better!

Mary said...

Dudes, your worsts are better than my bests. :P

Here's a couple of early ones - when I first decided I wanted to make a career of this art thing:

These two are more recent, and seem to be pretty popular amongst print buyers:

Jan said...

Yeah, what Mary said. ;) Nothing to cry about for sure.

This was the first painting I got (sort of) paid for.

STREET: Empathy cover

And I DO hope I got better. :D This is a cover for a second part of the trilogy which I did fairly recently.

STREET: Clairvoyance

And this, oh this. :D It's a two page spread for a comicbook. And it's horrible. It's funny, I didn't like this at all even at the time I painted it.

Yonderbook 2page

Anyways, my portfolio is here. ;)

Fat Kid Art