Friday, April 30, 2010

Ninja Mountain Episode 63 - "Sometimes I Just Wonder - What it's All For?"

Strap on your jet pack of chat and blast off into the wild blue yonder with your Ninja Mountain friends! On this episode it's a cross-Atlantic team up megashow, with Silent Andy, Jeremy, Jon, Ralph, Socar and early bather Torstein. Under the lazor-scope this week is the weighty topic of workload and self improvement. But fear not! It's not all content!

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Show notes to follow if we can think of any...


Anonymous said...

90% content, 10% me interrupting.... (SORRY, TORSTEIN!)

Lance Red said...

Greetings all,

I just found this blog via Ralph Horsley’s and I must say it is fantastic. I myself am in the process of working to become a full-time freelance artist: reading business books, taking work where I can find it, making art constantly; and this episode was great. It was enlightening, encouraging, and highly entertaining. Thank you for it. I will be making a point of going back and listening to all the episodes I have missed.

Many questions came to mind as I listened to the conversation. However, one in particular interests me as I work to make this step to full freelance:

-If one wants to be a freelance artist in the table-top gaming market (and make a living at it) what is the average speed one needs to produce at? 1-3 covers a week was thrown out in the episode; is that a good starting goal? or like four quarter page illustrations a week? I just ask so that I can better gauge where I personally am at and where I need to be. (I know this number would change based on the living one desires, clients one is working for, etc, but just to be self supporting, an average approximate.) If anyone out there has any input on this I would be most appreciative.

Thank you again,

Lance Red

Jon Hodgson said...

Hey Lance, thanks for listening in!

I can't really give you a figure. When you start out fresh, you're unlikely to be getting covers at all, so they're not such a great measure. You're also extremely dependant on what work you can get, and it's unlikely to fill your schedule completely from the get go.

Really I guess you have to look at the average rates out there, and see how long each kind of job would take you to do to a sustainable quality - meaning a level that would please clients and attract more work. That would give you some idea of your earning potential.

Jan said...

On a totally unrelated note, I may have a question for the ninjas -

(you could discuss it on the podcast, or just answer quickly here if you feel like it)

I'm listening to Sidebar Nation with James Gurney and they mentioned him having a BA in archeology. My question is -

"If you could and wanted to, in which field would you get a university/college degree?"

Except fine art, illustration or something directly related to your job as an illustrator. James has archeology, I would love to study history or archeology as well. What would it be for you and why? Would it contribute to your art somehow? (like biology for better creature design and so on)

You've discussed art schools a couple of times, but I would love to hear something about other types of education. I think Patrick used to be a self taught programmer, Patrick and Jon both do some music...Maybe I'm getting too far or general, but I wonder how these (maybe) lesser or minor interests influence your art.

Well that was long. Sorry!

Lance Red said...

Thank you Mr.Hodgson, what you said makes sense. I'll have to work the network and dig a little deeper into the companies I am looking at possibly targeting and find out their usual rates.

Unknown said...

Very nice. You guys read my email on the podcast and mentioned my website. I guess I better prepare for the massive onslaught of web traffic if even 1% of your vast audience checks it out. Another good show (even though I'm a week late listening to it).