Friday, April 02, 2010

Episode 59--Paul "Prof" Herbert and a pair of British Painters!

In this week's episode Socar and Jeremy join up with Paul "Prof" Herbert to learn more about his game illustration work and continuing career.
Later in the show, Andy Hepworth and Jon Hodgson, gentlemen painters both, discuss what is on the easel this week.



Leland Purvis said...

Great episode again. Love the split-format.

Question: About minute 57, Jon mentions an essay about Realism v Stylization posted by.... Can we get a link?

Jeremy McHugh said...

They may be referring to this article on Art Order by Jon Schindehette.
Can't remember at the moment. :)

Leland Purvis said...

Yes! Thank you, Jeremy!

Jon Hodgson said...

I'm just awakened by the soothing sounds of yelling baby, but once I rouse myself fully I'll put some show notes up for our segment.

It was indeed the ArtOrder discussion Jeremy links to there. Everyone is reading the ArtOrder blog, right? Highly recommend it and it's ning community! Links will be provided!


Gordon Napier said...

I was also enjoying my pig while listening to this. A nice bacon sandwich. (I'm painting the Lady of Shalott with the other hand, lest anyone should think me slacking).

Jon, here's to your good elf.

Alonso said...

Jon you were talking about needing to improve your figure drawing. Aside from mentioning the head tilt can change the figure a lot, how do you plan on improving?

(I'm in a similar position I have decent anatomy knowledge, and fair chops at drawing, but throwing down figures from my mind always come out weak, and since I have a 2 1/2 year old I can't jaunt off to figure drawing every night)

Jon Hodgson said...

Alonso - I'm using a three pronged approach, which I describe in my book Fantasy Art For Beginners, available from all good book stores!* ;)

I'm studying examples which are either high end contemporaries or masters of what I want to achieve.

I'm reading up on theory.

I'm practicing a lot (though I need to find more time for this - workwise I get commissioned for landscapes all the time now)

And additionally I'm taking peer review on what I'm doing.

Life drawing is great, and I do try to keep my hand in. But I've found it has a different skill set to creating figures from scratch. It helps, of course in adding lots of information into the mix. But its an indirect thing I've always found. Yeah, I know, I'm not allowed to say that. ;)

*I really wanted to say that because it's cheezy. As well as true.