Friday, March 12, 2010

Ninja Mountain episode 56 - An Englishman in the dark

This week sees Andy Hepworth (Scottish by birth, English parents, living in Scotland), Jon Hodgson (Scottish grandparents, English by birth, living in Scotland) and Ralph Horsley (Born in Scotland, living in England) confusing the Dickens out of our colonial cousins with their Britisher ways.

Put the kettle on, toast your bread on both sides, butter a pikelet, and sit back and enjoy a nice china cup of Ninja Mountain fresh from the pot*.

It would be truly a fool's errand to try to offer a summation of what this episode is about, so just have a listen.  We talk about all kinds of things.

*No pot was used in the creation of this show.


Jan said...

A very enjoyable episode. Great to hear the three of You again!

There were a couple of things I wanted to say something about, but I'm dumb and I forgot which those were.

The new music is nice (if it's new. I think it is.)
The robot song is...interesting.
Is that what it's like being a Ninja from the Mountain?
Sounds rather depressing. :/

PS: I remembered one. I agree that the ArtRage community seems great. I posted a rather stupid suggestion to "improve" the program and was immediately replied to by some senior member - telling me how to do exactly what I wanted to do, In a very polite helpful tone.

PPS: ok, I played it again and remembered another. What Ralph talks about - being a big fish in a small pond and then swimming to the sea. I had that when I started really getting into internet artist communities.
Among my friends, my drawings are by far the best. (which isn't hard, none of them draw at all :D)

The internet can have a very positive humbling effect. Sometimes I need to take a look at some Craig Mullins' paintings and listen to him talk about art.
I cry a bit and get back to drawing every day, reading tutorials and all that.

Would you like to be my friend on Facebook?!!!1111

Gordon Napier said...

How did you get Gok Wan to sing your facebook song? (It was either him or Skeleton from SuperTed.)

Leland Purvis said...

Great episode. One of the best in a while. Missed some of the more familiar voices but Ralph, Andy and Jon really served up a substantial chat about real issues from studio stuff, to online scenes and the life of the artmind.

Great stuff.

Jon Hodgson said...

Thanks folks!

Jan: The "friendly robot song" is more sung from the point of view of one of our esteemed listeners. ;)

Gordon: The vocalist is Big Tam from my street. He's a 6 foot 7 midget.

Leland: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Jan said...

Myeah, I figured. It's still depressing. We do want to let you guys know how much we like the show, but I can see how this kind of fanboyism might get quite annoying.

Unknown said...

Well - *I* love all the annoying fanboyism. More, more!!

Jon Hodgson said...

Yeah don't be depressed. For one thing you're not supposed to be able to see through the paper thin veil of up-beat robot voice into its world weary and dismal heart.

For another save your tears for next week's anthem "If you're not famous by 25 you'll never paint a thing worth a damn you hoser".

Tommi said...

But I didn't start painting until I was thirty...
Oh f*!?k I've made a big mistake haven't I?

PS: muspe

Nick Egberts said...

hurray for hosers!

really liked the Uk episode, the looseness of it was quite relaxing. I was painting a serene forest scene so that helped a lot.

before the days of deviantart I really consired myself a real prodigy (i used to trade feltpen tattoes for favours in highschool) /sadface. The flipside is ofcourse: if you dont know how much you suck, you wont know how to improve.

Also, bring Scott on to talk about his zombie blog, because that thing is real amazin'


Jan said...

Hey, I still have a year to make it and get all the fame and glory and money and...whatever else successful people have.


(also what Nick said. ;))