Thursday, March 18, 2010

Episode 57--It's a Family Affair!

This week, Socar and Jeremy are sitting down with 3D modeler, actor, and evil doppleganger--Joshua McHugh. 
It's a family affair this week folks--though we at the Mountain doubt it--those two boys get along too well...

We talk about the pursuit of goals and the need for herculean effort and constant self-education. 
Other topics include 3D modeling and "catch 22" situations.
This week presents an uplifting tale with uplifting music and general "upliftment" ( I swear it's a word---check wikipedia)...

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Below are links to some of the items mentioned in this week's show!

Some of Josh's 3D modeling in action can be found in the following videos:

Useful links to 3D modeling packages and resource sites:

1 comment:

Alonso said...

Hey Ninja's,

Some 3D CG software that wasn't mentioned that may help illustrators.

sketchup will let you model architecture type stuff (and I think you can input lattitude and longitude and get time of day shadows), these 2 programs will make mountains and forests and stuff



and for mocking up humans, there's always Poser ( (though I think you get massive noob points for using it)

most software has demo's or trials (usually 30 day) but expect a long learning curve, they are complicated (zbrush has a lot of tutorial vids on their site)

Regarding the conversation about doing what you want vs just having a steady career: there are some who are totally content to work away at a job they don't care about and can be happy (more power to them), and there are others (myself included) who tried really hard to do that and can not find happiness that way. So for myself I would rather spend my life trying to do what I love, even if I never make it. As was mentioned, a certain amount of luck is needed, which you can't guarantee, but you can be as prepared as possible to act if the luck turns up. It makes me think of this artist, Carmen Herera, who painted all of her life, and all of a sudden at age 94 is a huge success. She obviously has the right attitude, doing it for the joy of the work she has already been rewarded, so the monetary rewards so late in life are just icing.

I missed Patrick, this is the 2nd time Socar's necrophilic leanings has come up and he would have given her a good ribbing for it ;)

Anyway, love the podcast, listen to it everyweek. Keep up the great work.

(for the record I'm an animator at a video game shop in Nor-Cal)