Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ninja Mountain 45 - Radio Ventriloquism

Started writing this in the style of a foul mouthed pirate. Then completely got over it. Think yourselves lucky.

So! Episode 45! This week the full Ninja Mountaineer Squad were largely indisposed, preparing for something called "Christmas". Nonetheless a plucky team of handpicked idio...panelists managed to get together and record their thoughts on the newly released version 3 of painting software ArtRage.

In true Ninja Mountain style discussion rambles and ranges as you might expect as Andy, Scott and Jon open up their new programs and dive in, live to tape. They share their thoughts and observations on Ambient Design's new baby. Where others may hesitate in presenting a radio show about live use of a graphics program our crack team took no prisoners.

Bit of a special interest episode, we freely admit. But what? You gonna ask for your money back?

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Show Notes:
Artrage 3:

Doh! And now updated with our AR3 doodlings made during the recording of the show!
Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

Have no fear, we'll be back soon with more critique episodes, featuring both the work of the Mountaineers and our respected listeners!


Jan said...

I want my money back!

Jon Hodgson said...

Welcome to the club!

Jan said...

(It's good to hear Scott again. ^_^ I've been listening to old episodes lately and he's only been on like twice or so?

Thanks for the ArtRage impressions. I think I'll get it sooner or later. )

Erik Storstein said...

Lovely, something to listen too while I take my flight from London back to icecold Norway :)

John Malcolm said...

AFAIK the magazine you mentioned at the very end (Digital Artist) is out on 31 December in the UK. That's issue 2. Issue 1 is out atm.

Meli Hitchcock said...

Oyi! I'm listening to the podcast as I write this, and you're making me so anxious to pick up the software soo bad! But alas, I am at work and cannot do that! First thing I'm doing when I get home is downloading it!

ATOM said...

"What does this green "X" do,I wonder?"

Comedy gold!

Unknown said...

This comment is a little late but I just started using ArtRage and the podcast was very helpful.

I do have a doubt for Jon, I couldn't get the thinners percentage you use, could you pleaaaaase tell me so I can go on with my life?


Jon Hodgson said...

Hey Felipe, thanks for listening!

I mostly use zero percent thinners. Very occasionally I'll add a little - maybe ten percent - if I need a smooth flowing detail brush. Though I find reducing the pressure setting makes for a nice smooth brush too.

Hopefully now your life can recommence.

Paul McCall said...

Andy, Scott & Jon,
I've been working my through all the Ninja podcasts in order which is why this comment is so out of date.
Upon the strength of this episode I bought Art Rage 3 as soon as I finished listening. Here's URL for my first sketch. This took me about 30 minutes, while I was hopping from teh computer to the kitchen, fixing supper.
My Art Rage question is this; is there a practical application for the program? I played with it "right out of the box" (or after the download actually) and am very pleased with it's simulation of oil paints but I noticed the image was at 72 ppi resolution, insufficient for print. So is it just a play toy, or for web-only pieces, or is there a way to increase the resolution?
Thanks for the podcast. As an illustrator with 30+ years behind me and hopefully a few more in front I enjoy what you all say and how you say it.
Paul McCall

Jon Hodgson said...

Hi Paul,
Patrick directed me to your comment - I'm no longer with the show, but I can still answer your question hopefully.

Yes, it is very much useable for print work - almost everything I do has an element of AR in it these days. Just as in photoshop or painter you need to set up your canvas to make it print resolution.

Hit "new painting" in the drop down "file" menu and set your resolution there.

Nice sketch! :)

Jeremy McHugh said...

Master Hodgson comes forth from retirement to field an Art Rage inquiry.
You are missed, man.

Yapping Puppy Love ;)

Unknown said...

started listening to your podcast a few months ago. catching up on all the episodes-- up to # 76 now.
anyway just wanted to thank you for advocating for ArtRage. I recently downloaded the demo and I will be purchasing it within the next month.
I had never heard of it before, but now I am really glad to have learned of it.
I love PS for sure, but ArtRage is much more comfortable to use.
thanks again for sharing guys and gals:)

Also I have been inspired to share my experiences and thoughts via my own blog.
check it out at
Peter Mohrbacher just gave me a brilliant interview that will go up on the 1st of August 2011... my 1st VAPN victim ;)... I'm coming for the ninjas soon:)
~Ryan Merrill AKA>Mugshotpro